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Tedious is a Heroic/Mythic raiding focused guild on Horde Barthilas. The team is built upon working raiders, committed to downing the final boss of each new raid tier.

We are currently searching for members ranging from entering the raiding community only recently, to those who have been actively involved since the dawn of World of Warcraft.

Raid Tier Progression;
Nighthold; 5/10M
Tomb of Sargeras; 5/9M
Antorus the Burning Throne; 2/11M

Raid times: 9pm-11:30pm on Thursday and Sunday (Server Time)
Realm: Barthilas
Fraction: Horde

Being that the guild had a massive break and we lost valued members we are currently seeking all players who wish to have an easier raiding schedule, The guild is very upkeep and Organised when it comes to raiding and can be beneficial when coming to Real life situations!

What else we offer:
We are trying to take a step into the pvp part of things in wow to have some more ground of what end game can be in other aspects!

Mythic Dungeons;
We have created a Mythic + community inside of the guild. So, if you cannot commit to the raid layouts but love mythic+ then we have a spot for you! we are always furthering ourselves some way through Warcraft to be better and to hit harder!

- No drama/Toxicity
- Come to raid Progression focused and prepared (Consumables/Enhancements)
- Turn up 10-15 mins prior to set raid time
- Be respectful
- Aim to improve yourself/Take constructive Criticism

Guild Master - Skargrim#1387
Recruitment - Mzsunday#6226
Officer - Myrkrial#1998
We look forward to hearing from you!
Bump! actively looking for members for BFA!
Bump, we are still actively looking for players for our raid team come bfa! come secure your core position now!
Hi There, veteran raider coming back from a break. Looking for a guild for BFA, limited raiding exp this expac but have some good back ground.
Bump, still looking for valuable members for our core team
Bump, still rounding up players who are keen on some good old end game content bashing hmu
Expression of interest
I have limited raiding experience overall, but capable and affable.
Bump we have a few healer spots open and ranged positions that are needed! also looking for a monk WW
I just backed wow about 2 months ago, last time I was raiding was Wotlk. So far I’ve been looking for a main. I’ve leveled a warrior and a paladin to 110 but none feels right until I level this rogue. I absolutely love the outlaw spec, it suits me well. I will ding 110 soon enough for BFA.
I can be very active,on time and prepared for raid and I will try my best to perform for the guild. I would like to join your guild to raid in BFA.
P/s: the current guild i am in is dead I just want the rewards and perks.
Bump! we are still actively looking for a plate tank for a core role! and ranged dps
Bump we are still looking for a good amount of ranged dps being either cloth or leather wearers for bfa!
Bliz, why do you keep making MORE melee dps... this game has a lack of ranged so why 'd you make 2 melee LEATHER wearers.. smh...

In other news... We are still looking for cloth caster dps (Spriest mainly) and HUNTERS
Ideally after an spriest, but we will happily accept a balanced druid or 2
im looking for a raiding guild heading into bfa.
WW monk or Spriest only now
We have filled our 30 man team with some prospective raiders, however, feel free to apply if you think you would make an excellent addition to our team, we may not pass all our current trial raiders SO THERE IS HOPE YET!!

Also, if you add me from here.. please say something to me, even if I'm not online. IF you just add me and say nothing, I'll just end up removing you from my FL...
Still willing to take Top notch dps. People that put effort into the start of the xpack will take prio when it comes to raid spots
Bump, we are currently in search for a non paladin tank for progression in the core team! get with it to be in it!
Bump Friends we are currently in search of all Ranged classes to trial with us!
after hitting 2/8M we would like some ranged, So hit us up! :)

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