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That they buff the other tanks.... not nerf vengeance for BFA...
Why would they nerf Vengeance?
Yes vengeance is powerful for M+. But it’s much more middle of the pack for raiding with how they changed our agility and armor scaling. Also meta is still super weak, even weaker than our Active Mitigation. Resulting in some talents like Gluttony being weak and unviable.

It doesn’t seem like Bliz is interested in balancing tanks for high level mythic keys. As evidenced by the most recent MDI where only one tank (DK) was viable.

At least with mythic plus in BFA 2-3 tanks are looking strong for dungeon content.
Welcome FOTM rerollers.
We are really strong, we deserve it. Being one of the worst Tank for M Raiding for all legion, at least for M+ we are looking strong. And most likely we will be viable in M Raiding, as our mitigation is on the hands of the developers, not really something we need to be skilled at.
Munkky made a great thread about this on the bfa beta forums. In case you can't find it or have no access, I will summarize his key points.

Currently, in the bfa beta we have the same strengths and weaknesses as we had in Legion.

Meta is currently a weak cool down. Due to the way armor is a bigger part of our mitigation, meta DRs with armor so hard that it provides less defense than demon spikes. This is a big problem for mythic raiding and M+. Meta needs to be changed to a %reduction rather than armor to fix the armor diminishing returns. Meta also lost a lot of health gain due to the loss of the artifact. Despite all this, it has a 3m CD.

Firey Brand currently works the same as it does live. This means it still is completely useless against multiple sources of incoming damage and also useless against environmental damage. The removal of Emp Wards, reduction of tattoos passive to 10% and the loss of the artifact hit us very hard.

It may not be apparent due to the content tested (self healing does well in dungeons), but in mythic raiding, DH is in BIG trouble.

We are using the same build we do on live in beta. However, VDH has dead globals. Using soul cleave is still a sub optimal way to spend resources, so you are forced to wait for fracture casts in order to use spirit bomb. This leads to wasted pain a lot of the time, but passing souls through SC is a massive loss. This is another big problem and annoyance.

I think people will find DH to be the worst mythic raid tank again this expansion unless something is done to rectify our lack of unique utility and lack of strong tank cooldowns.
Mehhhh they’re alright tanks
Everything I see when I try to look up vengeance bfa, people talk about mythic raids and mythic+ (I assume they are talking about high levels of mythic+?). How about normal and heroic raids?

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