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Hey everyone!

I'm currently looking for a home to call my own with my main Alliance toon, Eliien. As a heads up though, I do run both alliance and horde characters, so if you're opposed to someone playing both factions, then I'm not the one for you.

Anyway, back on topic here, my poor 'lock needs a home. I'm looking more for casual because with my work schedule being online for specific times each week, may not be possible. I am in the EST time zone, but also have a tendency to be up all hours of the night as well, so a PST run guild would be fine too.

I am in the process of buying a server transfer for this toon, so any server is fine, just not Draenor. I'm trying to leave Draenor with this toon due to personal drama/stalking issues.

I'm not much of a raider. I've done like parts of a couple of raids I believe and that's it. I'm to antsy to just jump into a group because I suck at learning mechanics while watching youtube videos. I learn better by actually participating but unfortunately a lot of people don't like that. So I just avoid it all together. Which, I'd love to raid a bit more, but just not full out hardcore type of raiding.

So that's about it for the in-game stuff.

Outside of game I'm a 28, almost 29 year old mom of two. I work full time at a convenience store, which is why my hours aren't consistent from week to week. I love to read fantasy/sci-fi. I also enjoy writing it as well. And I also play other games besides WoW and am working on eventually becoming a Twitch Streamer. Um so yeah. Tadaaaa!

Feel free to either reply to this thread or poke me on b-net. :)
Hey there! Our late night group might be a good fit for you (I'm in similar boat I work night shifts). Our heroic group definitely has room for you, and fear not - we understand that sometimes people need to see the fight or need a bit of extra time to learn mechanics. We are more casual, but our goals are to get AoTC every tier.

The only thing would be if you are okay with faction changing to horde also! We'd love to have you on board for BFA. I'll leave my info below, add me and lets chat!

We raid Tuesday and Thursday
11:30pm - 2:30am ET
and are 11/11H with AoTC every tier for Legion.

We're currently looking for:
Healer: Any w/ DPS OS (pref rdps)
Tank: Closed

We are not currently raiding, as we have decided as a group to take a break until pre-launch/BFA.

Btag: Kylani#1647
Discord: Kylani#7927
We raid tues-wed-thurs from 8 to 11 pm EST. How does that sound?

If you are interested lets talk fikstor#1950
Hey there! We would love the chance to speak with you! Take a look at the guild spam below.

<The New Triumvirate> @ US-Stormrage (Alliance)

Currently Recruiting:
- Ranged DPS: All
- Melee: All
- Healer: All
- ANY exceptional players


- To Be Determined

About Us:
<The New Triumvirate> @ US-Stormrage (Alliance) is recruiting for our heroic progression core as well as members that are just looking to have a good time.. We are a diverse group of raiders and socials alike with a wide range of experience through all levels of content. The guild was formed in June 2018 with the goal of progressing through both Legion and all future content. We are currently working on building our core roster to enable smooth progression and a stable platform for expansion.

Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. We have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere. Through effective communication, preparation, and organization, we are able to raid fewer hours while still remaining competitive.

Current Progression:
- N/A

What to Expect from Us:
We strive to provide a stable raiding environment for our members to progress and improve together. Although our focus is progression, our top priority is to have fun as a team.

What We Offer:
- An opportunity to assist in the building of our first core roster
- Leadership with years of progression-oriented semi-hardcore/hardcore experience
- Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups
- Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together.

Our Expectations:
- High attendance (90%+)
- Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role
- Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism
- Willingness to work together and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement

-If joining just for casual play disregard the specific raid requirements!

Contacts (Discord):

Please feel free to contact us here or on discord.

Guild Master: Aphyxa (Aphyxia#6255)
Co-GMs: Draev (Draev#7401), Tariela (Tariela#4075)
Turalyon is an amazingly tight knit community of guilds dedicated to growing the realm as a whole. You won’t find a server with stronger identity. We make it a point to excel not just as our individual guilds, but also to make all the guilds of the realm stronger. Those of us who did finish early boosted our realm rank, but we don't really have enough overall mythic guilds to sustain that momentum while the larger realms knock us back down the remaining portion of the tier despite having highly competitive guilds. This is where you come in!

Come find a home in one of our many wonderful guilds and join our realm community!

Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/turalyon
Realm Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/communities/Turalyon
Realm Forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/1182757/

If you're looking for a list of guilds on Turalyon, here ya go (updating for BFA, the list will be expanding):

We also run the major recruitment hub for everyone (~5k people): https://discord.gg/QUxQp9W

Our realm is behind the !turalyon tag. ^_^ Hope to see you there!

(If you hit ctrl+f, you can search the page above by start times too!)
If you're still looking for a place to call home check out our recruitment post below.

[Illidan][H]<Recursion> is now recruiting!

We are a close-knit group of adults currently looking to expand our core. As we do not recruit for the bench, we're looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to conquer new content as soon as it becomes available. We expect all raiders to maintain a high raid attendance rate. Our schedule is casual compared with many guilds, and we expect you to be prepared to raid the entire time without going AFK. We do not add extra days or hours during progression. Our raiders have significant experience in gaming competitively and raiding previous/current content, and because of this we expect our raiders to know their class and always be looking to find ways to improve their own performance. Outside of our main raids, we run alt raids on the weekends, M+, Timewalking, and BG. Many people play other games as well on off-nights. We like to have a good time, but also know when to get things done.

Currently 11/11H AOTC, with plans of pushing Mythic in BFA.

- Must be at least 25 years of age.
- Able to communicate over Discord with working microphone if necessary.
- Previous raiding experience.
- Ilvl 940+, 75 artifact
- High attendance (80%+).
- Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role.
- Work collaboratively.
- Willingness to take/give constructive criticism.
- Don’t be a toxic douche. Nobody wants to spend raid night with the guy who cries about parses or the guy who blames everyone but themselves.

Wednesday/Thursday evenings from 7-10pm CST (server time).
Normal Antorus (Optional Alt Run) on Saturday 7:30-10p CST

Melee DPS: Druid, DK, Warrior, Monk
Ranged DPS: Priest, Druid, Shaman, Mage, Warlock

Thanks for your time and we hope you will join us!
All exceptional applicants will be considered.

Apply Directly @

Tyrenzi (Starscream89#1767)
Kinksi (Dilemma#1281)
Bakua (Nuka#11152)
Sargeras[A] REWIND

We are currently stopping progression until pre-patch and are only doing farm for main and alts

Full post : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761005983#1

Raid time

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 7PM to 10PM CST (Need to be online 5-10 minutes before raid).

Past prog
SoO : 14/14M
HFC : 13/13M
EN : 7/7M
ToV : 2/3M
NH : 9/10M

website : rewindguild.me
Btag: mat#11420 or Sasha#12635

You can apply on the website, and if you have any questions feel free to us on btag. Our goal is cutting edge on a light schedule and semi-hardcore mentality.
You wouldnt be the only one with kids in our guild. BRB diaper changes. If youre not comfortable with going into heroics you can always run normal. Heres the spam

Who: <Cloudy Day> a semi-casual guild. 11/11H & 1/11M late night & weekend guild LFM
What: What does it mean to be semi casual? We expect our raiders to come prepared, know their classes, and not consistently wipe the raid with easy boss mechanics.
When: Friday & Saturday @ 10pm EST to 1:30am
Where: Horde and high pop Zul'Jin server
Why: We are a mostly 30+ year old crowd with the core leadership having served in the military together. In our first guild run ( 17 Feb) we managed to clear 7/11H. We are: former high end raiders of previous expansions, raiders who missed tiers, or people who came to xpac late.

Below is our most needed classes headed into BfA. Being a semi-casual guild if you know your Tank/Healing OS it is even more helpful. Feel free to contact us even if your class isnt listed:
All ranged DPS

Also recruiting the following tanks and healer classes:
Brewmaster Monk
Blood DK
Veng DH
Resto Sham
Disc Priest

Contact: Akishmi#1849 (Bnet) or AaronKish#6048 (Discord)

*** Please note that guild is on break until BfA so no organized ABT runs but guild still partakes in other guild events ***
Hi Eliien,

What we are doing going into BfA is to maintain two casual raid teams. One Horde and one Alliance. We will raid 2x a week (Once on each faction).

We are not progression minded, we are happy raiding on Normal Difficulty. No pressure just a bunch of friends having fun together.

Our inspiration: Our Horde Guild <Minstrels of Doom> has been raiding together since Siege of Ogrimmar. We quickly developed strong friendships and genuinely enjoyed playing WoW with one another. Our approach had always been to raid on Normal to get an idea of the fights then switch to Heroic. We found we enjoyed it more when we stopped caring about loot, meters, progression or number of wipes. So at the start of Antorus we decided to stick to normal difficulty and just relax and have fun with friends.
For the upcoming expansion, we have decided to alter this approach slightly. We also want to do this on an Alliance team as well. Once normal is on farm, most raids can be cleared in one night. Not having to min/max and stress about everything will allow us to also raid a second night on Alliance.
The Horde Team is on the Nesingwary/Vek'nilash/Nazgrel server group, and the Alliance Guild is on the Thorium Brotherhood/Farstriders/Silver Hand server group.

So we are looking for like minded people to join us. We are small right now with a team of 14 people, but have some players returning soon. We want to get to about 15-20 people. Raid Nights are Mondays and Fridays from 8:30 to 11:30 pm EST.

We are a bit older, avg age likely late 30s. We have married couples, professionals and try to remain drama free.

In keeping with casual mindframe, loot is personal, we love to help each other with crafting and consumables, etc. And off nights we run Mythic + and old raids.

If you are interested contact me at: Tega#1389.


Hello :)

(We are taking a break from our weekly raids until BFA release)

Heartbreakers is recruiting! If you're looking for a friendly guild that is non hardcore but a guild that is still into raid progression, Heartbreakers is for you! :)

We are 2/11 Mythic and 11/11 Heroic Antorus. The guild is a very friendly guild that is not a hardcore elitist guild, we raid Tuesday and Thursday 7 to 10pm Mountain Time and we also do another run Wednesday and Friday 7 to 10pm.On off days we do numerous M+ runs with many laughs in discord :)

What we are looking for:

Dependable players for both raiding and casual who are both willing to teach and learn
Players with good attitudes, ideally with at least AOTC and/or Mythic Antorus experience. If you're looking for a balance between content progression and a fun guild Heartbreakers is the guild for you.



Add my bnet yrreg4791#1858, I look forward to talking to you and possibly raiding with you! :)
Good afternoon Eliien,

I read your post and I think we would be a good candidate for you! A lot of us are parents too and have families to take care of :)

I think you'd be pleasantly surprised to see just how active and social we are! We are always looking for fun people to group with--whether it is casual or hardcore. We have several raid and rbg teams for you to choose from. We also have more casual weekly events, such as Normal ABT runs and random and rated yolo BGs. Members are constantly grouping for various Mythic+ keys as well.

We are not just a collective number of Btags and Discord names that meet up for raids. We are friends that game together--whether it is in World of Warcraft or another game. If this sounds like the kind of community that you are interested in, then please explore the links below.

<Currently Online> Explore. Engage. Elevate.
Realms: Illidan - Horde and Sargeras - Alliance
Forum Post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765167750
Website: http://currentlyonline.gg
Email: info@currentlyonline.gg

You are also welcome to join our discord and have a look around. Most of our weekly events are listed in the #events channel. We look forward to hearing from you!

Partnered Discord: https://discord.gg/CurrentlyOnline
Look for Saph*
Hello! I’m June, Recruitment Officer of Last Ständ. We are looking for players to join our community as well as our progression raid team now and for BFA. We have an exciting and fun community that’s been together for over 10 years! We offer a casual and relaxing guild environment with a determined raid team to squash Heroic encounters (at the very least). We are currently 1/11M with Felhounds down to 25%, but we are taking a step back to finish recruiting and make sure we have the right players on at the right time each week.

Guild: Last Ständ
Server: Moonrunner-US
Raid Schedule:
    - Tues/Wed Progression 6:00-9:00pm PST
    - Sunday - Fun Night!

Needs: Skilled DPS & alternate raiders
Apply Here: https://laststandsguildpage.enjin.com/
Recruitment Contacts: @June#1977 [Discord], Ashley1640#1792 [Bnet]

Please feel free to send me a message with any questions! I look forward to talking to you :)

Hello Ellien,

[H] [Hyjal] (Mile Hyjal Club) is recruiting for BFA and end of legion raiding! We are a fun loving guild looking to progress through end game content and are currently in need of 1 tank, 1 healer, and multiple DPS. Our raid times are T/TH 7pm to 10pm pacific time with Monday being an optional/alt run day. We also like to do Mythic+ A LOT and you can reach me directly at Shmeagol#11794.

For more info please see our main post below:


Thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck on your search for a new guild!
If you are into raiding or looking for a group to come hang with come check us out on Whisperwind, alliance side.

<Errant Venture> (10/10H NH, 9/9H ToS. 11/11H ABT) LF DPS / Heals for our weekend raid team for Heroic ABT and BFA - Sat 7-10pm EST / Sun 2-5pm EST.

Hit me up on Kohmet#1597

Weekend Raid Team

Weekday Raid Team

Guild Website

Don't forget to use and post to the Recruitment Discord in addition to these forums https://discord.gg/Q8fDcD5
Hi! We are a mature group with several parents, our raid times are Tue/Wed/Sun 7:30-9:30pm EST, we dont have attendance requirements and focus on heroic raiding. If that sounds like what you're interested in, here's our recruitment post with more info:

Hey if you are above 21 years old and are interested in playing in a multi game community of like minded adults check us out. We are.


Yes you should check out that website! its better than any guild site you've ever seen i guarantee it.

Raid days are Tuesday: 9-11pm EST Thursday: 9-11pm EST Sunday Optional farm day: 5-7pm est

You can contact me at Deathwing#1757

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