10/11M Hpal LFG 973 ilvl


I can raid Mon-Thur 7pm-11pm EST and I'm pretty flexible Fri-Sun.
This man ragequit our guild yesterday. 0/10 don't recommend
Also , he has an unhealthy attraction to Spider-Man . 0/10 would not recommend
Considering anyone from Habit would come into my own thread to make a comment like that speaks volumes to the type of people in that guild and why I would leave. Toxic players.
Considering you ragequit a raid when someone told you to move with rage says enough
Considering I rage quit because I was being blatantly disrespected and belittled by toxic players says enough as well.
how much is an unhealthy attraction to spider-man???
06/25/2018 03:15 PMPosted by Syëria
Also , he has an unhealthy attraction to Spider-Man . 0/10 would not recommend

Please Elaborate
06/25/2018 04:27 PMPosted by Shdwphnx
06/25/2018 03:15 PMPosted by Syëria
Also , he has an unhealthy attraction to Spider-Man . 0/10 would not recommend

Please Elaborate

I would share some of the comic books I collect with people I considered friends and they all made fun of me behind my back. Again, a clear indication of the type of environment there.
As you can clearly see from the three former guild members who are here bantering me, this is how immature the environment was. All I'm trying to do is move on with a video game and I'm being harassed. Which I've already reported to Blizzard.
Yup. This is the same guy who whispered me homophobic slurs after reading my reply
Eh, I don't think Habit is toxic at all, I just think that's what you get when you rage quit in the middle of raid after being called out on a mechanic, come back after getting a second chance, and then rage quit again a few raid days later. If you can't handle the stress of mythic progression then don't mythic raid.
Handle the stress lol.. I'm 10/11M and was the best healer in Habit but ok. :) Thanks Kio!
And the repeated mentioning of the rage quitting is taken extremely out of context. I left because Snarklebops is an angry and toxic person. I don't deserve to be disrespected in a video game. I didn't just rage quit for no reason. :) But thanks!
Jokes and trolling apart.... You can't get yourself in a semi hardcore to hardcore scenario ,competing for CE and act like that. The real history is that Cinn was messing up with basic mechanics after almost 200 pulls. BASIC MECHANICS. We weren't progressing, we were regressing. Instead of being the '' toxic profile'' you called us, we just called ou you and told you how to improve. You refused, quited middle raid and just said '' good night'', and didn't come back.

EVEN after that, every player here in the guild did step forward to help you improve with your class ( the very same you should be mastering if you want CE in a tier). We had a bunch of members here writting essays to land you a hand.

Finally, we are getting close to achieve , and our leaders decided to call for an extra raid to sharpen some mechanics, ( it wasn't mandatory )you agreed regardless, and instead, you showed up late ( we would had invited you) but we were in THE MIDDLE OF A PULL, and you just quited the guild at that point. To make things even stinker, you managed to curse EVERYONE in the guild, sending them hate mails , calling people here with homophobic names and other bad stuffs that I deny myself to write them down here.

Well that was my text. We had nothing against you bro, you digged your own grave there. To everyone that has an interest in recruiting him, I would advise you all to think twice. Do you really want an unstable person that might backstab you, denies ALL advices and your callings, an immature person to end this.

Finally, my last advice to help you improve yourself as a person. You will get nothing out of this game , or even real life if you keep up with that attitude. Re-thinking your standards and your actings. I'm telling this as a person, not as player, because here you just ends up getting kicked out of a guild.... but real life will be tougher than a video game.
I second everything Syeria said and would love to end it at that, but one more thing has to be said...

CRAGGIE is the best healer in Habit.

Now I'm done.
I came across this post as I was looking through the forums and while I don't really like resurrecting a somewhat dead post and am not familiar with Habit or the situation here, I felt like I should leave a response. I also felt somewhat compelled after receiving a "warning" from a member of the Guild.

Cinnstrasz joined Vigilant not very long ago and has been nothing but an absolutely fantastic raider. He's mechanically sound and performs very well as Retribution and Holy (Holy being main). He's also meshed in very nicely with our growing and thriving Guild. Again, I don't know about all the above posts, but none of it's proven to be true here. :)

Hopefully it's all in the past now, but I thought I'd shine a sliver of light into this darkness.

Welcome to your new home, Cinn!

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