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Achievements would be cool. Not the modern day achievements of AoTC but just simple ones e.g defeat Ragnaros or 100 wins for a bg etc.
although I can already see the segregation of hardcore and casual players with this
Avenger's Shield. I'm gonna miss going Captain America on a crowd of mooks.

But we're talking QoL. I'll support the person who said Meeting stones as Summoning stones. It still requires that at least two of the party hoof it to the actual entrance, and encoirages world pvp.
06/22/2018 09:59 AMPosted by Calciumplus
In fact -- special events in general like Brewfest etc.

We had most holidays, but no Brewfest. But they were a lot different than they are today.

Noblegarden there were eggs scattered throughout entire lowbie zones. Valentine's we had a quest to go up a hill by of the Hinterlands to assist an undead fellow. Children's week we could get a pet. And I remember the summer flagpole but don't remember what buff it gave, we could get the crown by sneaking into the opposing faction's capital. Winter Veil, Metzen could spawn in Searing Gorge or Tanaris iirc. Hallow's End was practically a PVP event in Southshore and UC.

I think holidays were more fun then before they just became a mass of players grinding out more mounts for World of Collectioncraft. They were side content we did just for fun (gasp).

Regardless, I vote for the missing holidays like Brewfest. Yeah, I'm rambling a lot today.
all the bag consolidation things.
The LFG tool would be nice.

There is a vanilla add-on that parse text for dungeon/grouping keywords and groups them into a concise, clean interface.


Counter Counterargument:
It generates some annoying chat channel spam.
My one thing would be dual spec.. screw guild banks
Itemized gear... because it would make my Arms/Fury Warrior a golden god among mortals. Damage focused stats and a high enough value of armor and stam that i can outlive certain damage mechanics? And it Matches?! Yes please!

Failing that - Transmog.
Because i spent more then enough time in vanilla looking like i lost a fight with a clown wardrobe.
None of the QoL things that tend to be people’s go-to desires. All of that is super overrated IMO.

I would say maybe some of the recipe changes and improvements brought to the various professions over the years. There are a number of vanilla recipes that are just straight up bad/impractical as well as huge gaps where you have nothing good to grind up skills with. Fixing these would increase profession usage, bolster AH trade, and encourage mat farming. The “downside” would be marginally better access to leveling gear, which really isn’t so bad since players would still need to earn it somehow – no eternal free lunch for leveling (aka heirlooms).
A release date.
- rage normalised
- duel spec
- 2.0 honor
06/22/2018 03:37 PMPosted by Skrull
- rage normalised
- duel spec
- 2.0 honor

Plus guild banks :)
06/22/2018 03:43 PMPosted by Rallea
06/22/2018 03:37 PMPosted by Skrull
- rage normalised
- duel spec
- 2.0 honor

Plus guild banks :)

go play retail
A pogo stick mount.
Mob health.

Even then, I'd just use an addon, so it's not really a big deal to me.
Shrugs if anything Is say dks but the others outside that I'm good.
PvP scrubs to bully, not the arena masters, but the total scrublets, since everyone who wants to play classic seems like a total nerd.
06/21/2018 08:58 AMPosted by Syledra
It's not a change from the "future", but I'd get rid of all these change threads that are the exact same posts made every single day.

You sound like a fun person
lol this one always gets me and has since day one....

The thing I want that still hasn't been changed on live, that's dmg dismounting you....#$%#$^# makes me so mad to this day and it still happens all the time to me. Always thought that your mount should have health points and when it reaches 0 it dismounts you.

So stupid that you can get hit sometimes and nothing happens, while another time one swing you get dismounted....STUPID STUPID STUPID! :D
Guild bank, graphics update, linking items in chat

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