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Another day, another glorious thread!

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way [rock]

Been going through yet another Lucinda Williams binge... I'm simply in awe over her ability to write a story in a song. This is one of my favorites:

Side of the Road (acoustic)

Children Of Bodom!
Metal 4 Life
SAINT PEPSI - Cherry Pepsi [vaporwave]


So catchy and fun! I don't care if it's meme music, I love it.
BlazBlue CentralFiction - Walpurgisnacht (Nine the Phantom theme)


I have an mp3 of Rip & Tear from Doom (2016) for those aggressive days.
Dropkick Murphys - Johnny I hardly knew ya
"What kind of music can I play?"



Trance, Metal, Rap, Country, Rock. Whatevs. Music is a delicious buffet, grab a seat and savor the flavor. My musical taste buds tingle with anticipation!

"But what if I have the wrong taste in music?"

Wrong taste in music bro? Wrong taste? Bro, stand on top of that mountain! Let the world, let the Gods know, what your jam is. SING IT. Blizz is like, "Those peeps in the music forum are too loud! Gotta nerf em!" Not today, Blizz. Not today!

V5. Can't stop, won't stop.

Shinovi - Indian Summer

The Now Now
New Gorillaz album

I had the song Tranz on repeat for like 3 hours

Only odd thing is the song on the cd is sung in uh. Whats the word. Falsetto? The live version the vocals are deeper because Damon's voice got deeper
Katatonia - Lethean [depressive metal]


I saw these guys in concert with Opeth, shortly after they released Dead End Kings, and it was amazing.
Queen - I Want It All
Everlast - What It's Like


Been a loooong time since I last heard it, but it remains timeless.
07/03/2018 06:04 PMPosted by Nunepi
Been a loooong time since I last heard it, but it remains timeless.

Funny you mentioned that, I've heard it twice in the past week after years of no hear.

Lately what is stuck in my head is the Billy Idol version of Dancing with Myself. Curse you stupid Stella Artois (non Billy Idol) ad!

Fortunately the charcoal ad or whatever it was with the mucho slowed down version of Human League's Fascination is gone. That was stuck in my head for like two years!
07/03/2018 06:04 PMPosted by Nunepi
Been a loooong time since I last heard it, but it remains timeless.

Aw yeah, what a great song! Its message will remain relevant for a long time, I think.

Neil Cicierega - Poop [mashup]


Neil is a genius, and I'm pretty sure I've said those exact words before. Absolutely the best mashup artist out there, and it's not even close.

SABATON - Primo Victoria (Official Music Video)
Eluveitie - Inis Mona
E.S. Posthumus - Unstoppable [electro-orchestral]


I believe this was the theme for one of the Sherlock Holmes movies. It's pretty amazing. The movie... not so much.
Evanescence-My Last Breath
Alestorm - Drink

pirate metal song about drinkin' good stuff. :)
Boy Hits Car - The Rebirth
In one of the last posts on the last thread, I mentioned I pulled out my "summer" music CDs.

Today is ZZ Top day!

Legs -- usually not a favorite but stuck in my head

Sharp Dressed Man
Because it is awesome and true!

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