[H]<Duplicity> 3/8M weekend need heals

H mythrax down. mythic tomorrow
Mother cheesed, with Zekvos attempts This morning. Looking for a full time priest so we don't have to pull in ilvl 307 alts! Also looking for a DK and ranged!
Looking to get our AOTC kill this week before moving to full time mythic. Still looking for a disc priest and a DK
Just got back into the game, grinding gear now but I don't expect you guys to hold the spot for some random guy who said hey. If I get there in time, I get there in time. :)
Lookin for 2 locks and a hunter.
Looking for a healer or a demon hunter - as well as pure DPS classes (Rogue, Hunter, Mage, Warlock). If you do strong DPS a hybrid class, we will consider you for these spots as well.
ghuun dead in less than an hour of attempts. looking for a few people to push mythic full time
filled an app and bnet req
Looking to start a second raid team Tues-Thurs 7-10pm, Looking for skilled players of all classes and specs at the moment.
Need some quality people for heroic content! Our mythic roster is pretty solid, but we're always considering good players!
was looking to join that second raid team warlock/affliction
Recruiting some healers that won't try to murder the raid leader every time we pull zekvos trash
Buuuuuuuuuuump for 3/8 M ^.^
buummmpp!!! need some healers to keep me up while I stand in "karma" mechanics
Get ya healaz ova here!
Still looking for a non-Druid healer. Even if it's someone's alt!
Need a tank and a holy paladin.

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