[A or H] 2 LFG for Casual raiding

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Returning raider Looking for a Raiding Casual guild for weekends - prefer fri-Mon 7pm+ for raids. I have a friend coming over to WoW that wants to jump into the raiding scene.

Willing to transfer to horde also.

Currently im a hardcore raider I have been since Vanilla WoW just coming back now at the end of the expansion taking a step back to join a casual scene so I can enjoy the raids with friends and not have to stress.

My friend is a Feral druid im a Frost DK. my fiancé who will be playing sooner or later will be playing a range caster of some sort but doesn't need a raid slot.

Feel free to message me on Pulze im on arygos or add me on bnet at Pulze#1459
we are willing to transfer so don't hesitate to talk to us thanks.

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