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I have leveled a BM Hunter, Ele Shaman, Fire Mage, Ret Pally and Havoc DH all to 120 since BfA beta started and as I level their azurite armor I get this second level trait offered to me Bulwark of the Masses - this trait is for when you are surrounded by 4+ enemies you gain a shield that absorbs 2,919 damage. First of all, please note I play DPS, not tanks. I most often do not get myself in a situation when I am surrounded by 4+ enemies, and actually the only time I see that is when a druid or blood dk has the capability to pull that number and survive when questing. Sooooo why is it offered a to DPS when we could actually benefit more greatly from some other trait that would be more realistic and beneficial to us?
One of the reasons you (especially as a fresh 120) don't typically surround yourself with 4+ enemies is you wouldn't survive, so a trait that helped with that would actually be okay if it weren't tuned to be entirely insignificant.
In a heroic dungeon I glanced at it and it was 7% of my healing. Not too shabby compared to some of the other defensive Azeroth traits I took which accounted for 1% or less.
A dead trait only good in easy content with mass pulls.... cool
I use it to gather herbs, I'm always surrounded by mobs and the shield makes you immune to daze.
Might this be good in battlegrounds? What exactly constitutes "surrounded by"? Do they have to be attacking you, or just within X distance?
I instantly hang my head whenever I roll am azerite armor with either this or self reliance. Both crap compared to other t3 defensives.

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