[H] SBD Tues/Wed 8-11PM 2/8M 8/8H LF DPS

Area 52
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If you nap for more than three but less than five hours, are you just sleeping?

Also, lul LSU :D
Hey qt
Interested. MW Monk that is currently on A52 and Boomy/Resto Druid I am going to be transfering over today. Late to jumping in Mythic progression this expansion due to certain circumstances when the expansion launched. 5/9M ToS and 7/11M Atbt in legion, didn't start mythic raiding til ToS. Bnet-Vannilamissy#1619
Feel free to hit up one of the people listed in the main post, Im just here to talk to myself.
Bump it up! We’re still looking for folks!
Bumper boatssss
To the top
We need some more DPS
Hey you DPS people.. where you at?
wtb medicine to start working
John Coffee you around?
Bump looking for trials for this week
376 Blood/Unholy DK LF Heroic AOTC oriented guild such as yourself. I also have a similarly geared Warrior that would fall in suit if this was a good fit. His name is Matukal and also parses well and usually tops meters.

I also have a DH/Boomy DPS that with a little love would be extremely quick and easy to pick up, as both are over 365, missing weapons to boost their ilvl.

I’m a veteren player who will not need to be reminded what I need to do, and I will be available at raid time with all of the appropriate consumables and ready to go. I’ll leave links to my raider.io and my Warcraft logs so that you can see multiple 97+ ratings as it pertains to raids.

+15 Mythic Plus content
8/8H farm group with options for alternative tanks that I’ve leveled.
Mythic Raid progression.



In summary if you’re interested let me know how I can get ahold of you/an officer and see if maybe we could try out this week.

My bnet is in the original post at the bottom. I will add your character name tonight.


Look forward to speaking!

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