Returning 30 Somethings LFG

Darrowmere and Windrunner
Lok'tar Ogar Darrowmere,

I'm a returning player (just a couple of years playing), my husband on the other hand is returning after just a few years off, he's been playing since launch. We are looking for an active, mature horde guild! One with set raid times and is flexible enough with new(ish) and more (super)experienced players, neither of us minds helping with, and learning progression, so we're not only looking for an established guild. We both have headsets, discord and prefer evening raids, EST would be preferable, but probably not a must. We're currently working through Legion (though my husband has a 110 Shaman ready for BFA), I havent decided on a main yet, but we both have multiple characters.

As a Hordie, you wont have much luck with finding a raiding guild on Windrunner/Darrowmere. There are only 2 guilds that are horde that have beat all Heroic bosses this tier.

If you are interested in mythic progression, it would be best to make a new alliance character on this server, if you are happy with this server, switch factions, or transfer to a Horde heavy server. If you are happy with only heroic or are happy with only a decent social guild, you might have decent luck with finding a guild here.

Wish you luck and take care.

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