<Hold My Flask> LFM for BFA Mythic!

<Hold My Flask> is a group of friends and experienced Mythic raiders that we acquired through our time of raiding together. We decided to return for BFA when the opportunity arose for us to play together again. We all have Mythic raiding experience and are very capable of pushing towards cutting edge content. Our atmosphere is laid-back and chill, but our roster is hard-working with the goal of downing Mythic bosses before the next raid tier. That being said, the current focus for now is just Normal/Heroic raids and solidifying our roster until BFA is released. We hope you consider joining us and that we go into BFA strong!

What We're Looking For:
We are looking for a few more dedicated raiders who come prepared for the fights and those that have the drive to always improve themselves.

We encourage all exceptional players to apply even if your class/role is not listed.

Ranged DPS
- Mage (Any spec) - HIGH
- Balance Druid - HIGH
- Warlock (Any spec) - MED
- Hunter (BM/MM) - MED
- Elemental Shaman - LOW
Melee DPS
- Warrior - HIGH
- Holy Paladin - HIGH

Faction, Server & Region:
- Horde faction on US-Tichondrius

Raid Times:
- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9:00PM - 12:00AM (Pacific)

Previous Progression:
- 7/7M Emerald Nightmare
- 2/3M Trial of Valor
- 7/10M Nighthold

Voice Communication:
- Discord

Contact Info:
Feel free to add me for any questions regarding the guild.
Discord: Jintae#5804

How to Apply:
Go to the guild application link to apply.
- http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdGRqKdaGE

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