What is the "endgame"?

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I have been reading posts that refer to the endgame: wait until the endgame, you need a player to get to the endgame, you get more gold at the endgame, etc. From context I don't think this means the actual end of the game... What does it mean, please?
Fundamentally it means "max level", for whatever the max level is for the current expansion.

When you reach max level, you don't stop becoming more powerful, but the way you increase your character's capabilities (and stats) changes. Obviously you can't rely on leveling up, so there are multiple pathways to better items, gear, reputation, and currencies (including gold). The choices about how to improve feel much more personal, which is why you can regularly read that max level is "the real game".

Also, the gold rewards for doing nearly anything are just massive compared to early levels.
I see. Thanks!

I've mentioned previously my only experience was EQ in 1999...
There was no endgame that I recall. You just ground (and ground, and ground) through levels. But that... was long ago...
Also players tend to congregate at endgame. Finding groups, making friends and whatnot is easier there. The interactions in a Mythic +10 EoA are gonna be different then say a Deadmines run where 4 of the players just want to get the run over ASAP so they can run another dungeon.

WoW is kinda based around the xpac model where only current stuff is really relavent. You kinda get a skewed view of that on this site because a lot of players here would prefer to play older content. WoW reddit has its own flaws, but it gives a different view on the playerbase for comparison.
Endgame is actually exactly that - the current end of the game.

Mostly when people talk about "endgame" content, they're referring to the PvE side of things. This mostly means raid content, which contains the "final boss" for the patch or expansion and wraps up what little cohesive story there is.

More generally speaking it can refer to any content exclusive to players at the level cap (currently 110).
Depends on what you play he game for. If your here for higher difficulty raids, mythic+ dungeons, etc... "end game" is where you will find the most people doing the most challenging content.

If your here for questing/leveling experience, the occasional dungeon run, exploring, etc.. there is no rush - though the later expansions have more modern questing mechanics, such as voice acting and the like.
Hmmm... thought provoking, all.


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