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<Exist> Zul'jin

If you want to raid in BFA but don't have the time or patience to raid 12+ hours a week anymore then read on.

<Exist> was created with the sole purpose of bringing together competent players that want to raid mythic but because of changes in life can't allot the time to commit to a 12+ hour schedule with a high attendance requirement. If raiding in casual guilds with less than preferable players isn't your cup of tea either, then <Exist> may be a good home for you.

To be clear about our intentions. We are a Mythic focused guild. We expect all raiders to be able to make it to raid on time and be focused on the boss at hand. Our attendance policy is there to allow for life to take precedence over raid when it needs (Work, Family, Personal) without it affecting your spot within the raid. The players we're looking for have the understanding that this is a mythic raiding guild with the typical requirements, but also have busy lives that prevent them from investing into the hardcore scene.

Raid Times (PST)
Wednesday 6:30-9:30pm
Thursday 6:30-9:30pm

Plan your raid around your life rather than your life around your raid.
Although i'd like to keep a relaxed attendance we're still looking for players that can usually make it to raid. That said, the above motto says it all.


RDPS: Medium
MDPS: Medium
Also potentially looking for dps with solid offspecs.
OS TANK Medium

Must be 18+

18+. LF Mythic Raiders without the time or patience for the hardcore scene. Raid Times (PST) 6:30-9:30 Wed. Thurs.. Plan your raid around your life rather than your life around your raid. Be able to make raid times on a usual basis but don't worry about having to miss it for work or personal events.

If you have any questions or are wanting to join you can contact me Bow#1485
Still searching for people!
Filling up quick but still looking for More!
Do Healers and Tanks <Exist>?
Sorry for the dad joke
I'm not really sorry for the dad joke actually, I thought it was funny.
You want to join this guild. Change My Mind.
I support this post!
Highfive bro!
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