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I play dps a lot and I want to try healing or tanking want to know a fun class and spec for both
I'd recommend Blood DK. Pretty good healing spec right now.
Thats SUPER subjective. Healing is my least favorite role, and healing on shaman or druids is fine, cant stand other healing classes.

Tanking with pretty much anything for me is fun.

But really, can't really know for sure till you try it. Each tank and healer has different styles. Shamans are more group healers and paladins are rockstars at single target heals for example.
Shamans have a shield in heal spec. That means they can tank and heal at the same time!

Aff lock is also good for healing and can take more damage than most other tanks.
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I'd recommend Blood DK. Pretty good healing spec right now.

lol. I see what you did there
Disc is super fun in bfa
Holy Priest is a good way to learn the basics of healing and get an idea of what it's like.

My personal preference is Disc, since the predictive play style it encourages is a lot more fun than reactive healing for me.
Monk Tank
Shaman Healer
This is all my personal preference, but I find shaman to be the most fun healer. I've played all of them this expansion. Next would be disc then holy priest.

Druid is really mana intensive and can be fun at times, but it's really spammy. Mistweaver plays pretty similar to druid. Holy pally is just not fun for me to play.
It sounds to me like you want to do this all on the same character, so you'll be limited to classes that have both tank and heal spec.
If you want to be bored off your butt, go BEAR!~
I like pally tank and use to play shaman heals. Watch the class guides to get an idea of how the different classes do the roles. Try what one looks fun to you.
I dare someone to come in here and tell me which patch resto druids ever sucked in.
If you're looking into healing (which you should!), anything "Resto" is good. Resto Shaman, Resto Druid - they're both viable and fun to play.

Resto Druid is ideal for movement, and, if you wanted to tank as well, you can always go Guardian.

Resto Shaman is a cooldown cannon. You've got an array of powerful raid healing cooldowns in your kit, and a few smaller CDs to help with movement as well.
nice thing about druid is you can tank or heal with a druid and see what you like better all on 1 toon.
disc/holy priest is my fav and resto shamin is good also.
Fun healing spec?

I love holy priests! They are well rounded and the talent trees offer some nice options to fit your play style.

Also, resto shaman is fun. There are a lot of cooldowns to manage but once you understand the rhythm it's very satisfying to play.

Fun tank?

I really enjoy prot warriors. They're mobile and have excellent threat. Thunderclap is highly useful.

Also, blood death knights. These guys love to take it on the chin then smile back at the enemy. "Is that the best you've got?"

Overall, prot warriors are proactive with their abilities. Whereas, blood death knights are reactive. You may wish to check out both to see which you like more.
I enjoy tanking, DPS and healing on my druid. You can do everything on one toon as a druid. It allows you to change around depending on your mood without having to invest in another toon.

But if you want to be the best in a certain area then you need to level up a whole lot of toons. Its always changing as to what class is on top in what area of the game.
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I play dps a lot and I want to try healing or tanking want to know a fun class and spec for both

You could always try Vengeance on your DH for tanking.

I tank solely on pally so couldn't comment on other tanks. I do enjoy the pally tanking style though. It's pretty much the Immovable Object. Keep Consecrate down, keep your mitigation up and use Shield and Taunt to bring mobs to you.

I now have all healing classes. I like all of them in their own ways. Fun is going to be how you define fun.

Shaman can have good base healing going and can react well to sudden damage spikes.
Discipline is about knowing when damage is coming in to the tank so you can shield them, keeping Atonement up on who needs it and, of course, keeping your DPS high.
MW Monk is about maintaining flow (Weaving is a good description)rather than sharp reactions although it has those too - good ones.
Druid is keeping HoTs up on every one and being ready with your high heal spells.
Pally I'm still getting used to. It's lots of short, sharp heals and a long CD AoE heal. The AoE heal on the Relic weapon is awesome - once you've got enough AP.
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I'd recommend Blood DK. Pretty good healing spec right now.

The best part about this is that most people think you're trolling, probably.

They just don't KNOW the power of the dark side.

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