[H] Blood/Frost DK looking for new home.

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
Former maintank of Schadenfreude, best guild in Ner'zhul and one of the best guilds in Murrica.

Retired in 2012, just coming back. Been puttering about for a week or so, leveling professions, questing, faffing about, just absorbing everything about what's changed.

Looking for a guild going into BfA. I'm gonna need a dedicated group of people here. I'm looking for someone who's had dreams about this game. I'm looking for a guild that likes to talk about the important things in chat like tacos, and fashion, and why all the other guilds aren't 20/20m two weeks into the expansion.

Most emotionally attached to Blood but I can play Frost instead (and/or maintain an offspec), no problem. I can learn Unholy if you'd rather, I guess, but everyone knows Unholy is kind of lame. Or if your group is completely settled but could use a really solid ranged DPS, I have a 100 boost and I don't even care anymore, let me hit 110 and give me two hours, I'll be one of the best [that spec] players. I do love Ele Shaman, honestly.

I'm also a lifetime Horde player, but I can be bribed otherwise. Maybe.

Times available for raiding are: who cares, sleep is overrated anyway.

Edit - Forgot to add, how best to contact me!

B.net: Scratch#1648
Discord: Scratcthums#7869

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