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Ghostlands and Kael'thas
Hello everyone.

<OOB> 5/11 M is looking for members and raiders.

We raid Tues-Wed-Thurs from 7 - 10 pm CST and are on the Alliance side

What we are looking for:
    Good raid attendance - We expect you to show up to at least 85% of raids and to let us know if you are going to miss raid so we can plan accordingly

    A good attitude - We do not tolerate toxic people nor people who can´t take responsibility for their actions. We will not call you out or yell at you but will instead whisp you with pointers, if you can´t handle that go to a different guild

What we can provide you:
    A mature and stable guild - We have been around for 11 years, we survived long content droughts like SoO and know a thing or two about keeping things moving even in turbulent times

    Progression without toxicity - We know this is a game and try to keep it fun. We appreciate people´s time and commitment so we take raiding seriously but we never let it become toxic

    Friendly environment - We have a 0 tolerance for toxic people, we are not afraid to sacrifice a "good" player that is just not a good fit with the rest of the group

    No experience required - Some people are intimidated by raiding and mythic raiding in particular. We understand not everyone will be orange parsing all the fights and that raiding does have a learning curve. We are cool with that. If you are new to raiding we will help you become a better player as log as you let us help you.

We are currently recruiting all specs and classes. We have a established core group but we are open to new recruits and we believe in people being able to earn a spot.

If this sounds like something you might be interested please contact me at fikstor#1950

Thank you
Hello again. We finished Legion with 7/11 and are currently looking for more players for our Heroic and Mythic teams.

We are currently gearing people up by running mythic dungeons. If you are looking for a chill guild that can help you get into raiding look no further.

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