My Demo Damage is Horrible.

Hi there...I'm having issues with my Demo DPS, it's basically half what I am doing as Affliction. I want to get the rotation down so that I can do the Mage Tower, I haven't really bothered with it since I don't have much time to play (~4hrs a week).

I can do ~2m DPS as Affliction pretty easily on the dummy, but with Demo, I'm struggling to get past 1.1m DPS. It's a massive difference. Not sure what I am missing or doing wrong. I follow the basics for the rotation such as Empowerment with the demons out, getting my Dreadstalkers out, HoD, using Thal'kiel's Consumption at the right time and spamming Demonbolt. I am totally stumped what I am doing wrong.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Update: Never mind, did it without much worry, got it 2nd try. Hats down to people having done this at lower gear levels, it would've been tough.
I see you got it, congrats! 1.1M dps is more than enough to do this mage tower. If I remember I did it with roughly 600k dps back then.

The demo one is all about following the fight and not a dps check, many one shot mechanics tho with our health pool now it's way more forgiving than back then.
Demo is absolutely the most difficult class to play in legion and succeed. But that’s why I like it. It just takes time to learn how to correctly play the spec. For example, when to empower demons vs not empower, when to refresh doom and when not too. Congrats that you completed mage tower though. and respect for not blaming the spec and calling it terrible just because damage wasn’t up to par. Keep practicing with demo, and I’m sure you will get the hang of it.
Why would you play demo in legion? its absolutely horrible atm. Im waiting for the changes in bfa which are looking amazing. Cant wait!
Demo MT is 100% mechanics. If your doing 2 mill dps as aff if you do mechanics it will be a breeze for demo MT. Watch a video learn fight. I suggest talents that maximum your dps that are passives. I went with doom/ST build and the additional pet in 100 row. It’s not a dps race.
Ever consider using demon wrath? It's so good, especially in dungeons where everything is all clumped together, you'll be dealing so much damage and generate so much shards so quickly.

(Too bad their removing demon wrath from demo lock in BFA) rip D:

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