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Please remove the ability to complete world quests instantly, complete honor quest and gaining one honor level without even doing anything once every 18 hours..pretty pathetic

please enforce age restriction in this game.

1+1 = -3

seriously, the auciton house in this game has not changed. people still taking their greens and disenchanting them..
a little advice, if one green worth 18g makes 2-5 arkhana and it costs 10-25 (or more depending) to make one enchant (excluding other matts)

why sell the enchant for 9g on the ah?

are you just dumb or are you purposefully trying to ruin the economy.

blizzard needs to enforce age restriction and force people to do a skill based test before creating an account..

can't even win the lottery here unless you can add 2+2.. no i'm not win contest or lottery and they force you to take skill based question in order to claim prize..

please do likewise blizzard..

also, please make it a requirement to have max level fishing in order to que in premade group finder

this should weed out the pathetic lazy people.
Someone sounds salty because they're getting undercut.

Drugs are bad.
This is the scrubbiest post I've read since 2005.
OP, your grammar is that of a 3 year old.
Yes, math is important, as are spelling and grammar.

If we tested for that, the OP would not be allowed to play.
someone hire this guy.

we need him on the dev team.
You should have to pass Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Shark Attack mini game before being able to do mythics.
I feel like I need boots to walk through this post.
I think it's trying to communicate.
Love the guild name, by the way.
Is it Sunday already?
06/21/2018 07:58 AMPosted by Leyami
Love the guild name, by the way.

I totally missed that, lol.
Ain't that cute
I think the insta world quest complete thing is going away in the prepatch so that's one thing you can look forward to I guess?
The morning is almost over, and I'm not in a completely bad mood . . . . so I'll give you a 3/10 troll effort!
06/21/2018 08:32 AMPosted by Drj
The morning is almost over, and I'm not in a completely bad mood . . . . so I'll give you a 3/10 troll effort!

Actually, his rendition of a simpleton (see his guild name) is quite believable, and well-seasoned with affected sincerity...and his use of trigger points is nicely subtle.

<holds up a score card that reads `8.5'>

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