10+ yr player looking for progression Guild

Ghostlands and Kael'thas
currently reside on Ghostlands, Looking for my new home in BFA. 

Mained rogue first few expansions, raided hardcore in Lichking....was second in progression on our realm at the time. From Draenor on all ive concentrated on is PVP, but i've decided (since real life allows me the time now) that i want to push PVE content with a good group in BFA.

I have played wow for over a decade and consider myself a good player. I have 110 of every class....and have several favorites and havent decided what to main yet. 

Progression is whats fun for me. I can tank, heal and dps.

raid times for me
tues/wed/thurs nights 7pm EST to whenever.

Classes I can play:
-priest (disc)
-shaman (resto/ele)
-dh (dps/tank)
-dk (dps/tank)
-monk (any spec)
-warrior (dps/tank)
-paladin (any spec)
-mage (any spec)

Looking for serious close-knit groups only and i'm more than happy to communicate on discord :) 

BTAG: Dominate#1670
Hey there. I am Cruento from OOB, we are on the same server but on the alliance side. We finished legion 7/11 M and area always looking for more players.

We raid tues-wed-thurs from 8 EST to 11 EST, we will begin raiding heroic in 2 weeks in the mean time we are running mythic dungeons to gear our raiders.

If you are interested add me at fikstor#1950

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