1850 ret paladin lf arena team

Hello everyone. I am a horde player loooking for a team to q 3s with for the last few weeks of the xpac and bfa. I want some friends to play with that we can learn together and not rage quit. I have played higher but that was in cata. To many people want to play 10 games and quit because they feel like they are carrying. I also have a rogue and a ww monk I can play on that are geared also.

951 ret
922 rogue
944 ww
Nacl#11203 - I heal stuff.
Ratdaddy#11306 arms war dh and enh holla
06/28/2018 11:19 AMPosted by Mathematicss
Nacl#11203 - I heal stuff.

I will add you when I get home! You look l like you are better then Me lol. Just be patient I will get there again.
06/28/2018 11:22 AMPosted by Rdytowrk
Ratdaddy#11306 arms war dh and enh holla

Dude awesome! I will play and learn any class to make it work. I am just tired of lookong for people and them quitting and never developing any sort of friendship

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