[A] <From Accounting> Recruiting for BFA

Aerie Peak
[A][US][Aerie Peak] <From Accounting> Sun 7:30pm-10:30pm EST Recruiting BFA Normal/Heroic and M+ Teams

Check us out at https://from-accounting.enjin.com/

About From Accounting

We left our raid teams to bring like minded friends together to have fun raiding again.

The founders are busy professionals who limited time to enjoy the game.
Thus we created a guild with a silly name and the mindset that raiding and WoW in general are an escape from the chaos of real life and in turn should be an enjoyable time.

Raid Times Are :
Sunday 4:30pm-7:30pm Server Time (7:30pm-10:30pm EST)

Currently need 2nd (off) tank and DPS.
Few More DPS slots available any spec/class
Also accepting off tank/heals
Need all positions, Tank / DPS or DPS off heal to pinch hit if needed
add me SaltySailor#1218 friends and i can only raid on sundays due to work schedules :)
I need a weekend raid team Becker#1332
Battlenet invites sent out, looking forward to talking to you.
If you're still looking monk here that's interested. All three roles, with a preference towards Brewmaster/Windwalker. Sharkbaite#1809. This character is on BWR currently but most of my toons are on Aeirie Peak and I'd transfer.
I would love to join :)
@ Keskorai
Still need Melee dps.
Heavy on everything else currently.

Need a backup tank and Melee DPS at this point.
Good on healers and ranged DPS.
Looking for a tank and some more dps.
Great crew so far but as is normal people's schedules and lives change and we are short a few going forward.
Hi. Returning player sitting at 335. Disc/Shadow looking for a raid team.

Im very open to Xfer'ing servers soon down the road if it all goes well.

Awesome I'm offline for the night but will add you tomorrow night for a chat.
If you're still looking to add let me know :) TruKnyte#1478
Yes, I'll add you here shortly Telquist
Returning player, currently leveling a few chars and gearing up. I'm a working professional that's returning to the game and getting an itch to do some raiding again and just generally enjoy the game with others.
You guys seem right up my alley.

I'll send out an invite when I'm online again Andridarlune.
We still need a few people, specifically a tank and dps. We do not stress neck levels!
I have a 362 BM/SV hunter, and I'm looking for a new home. The raid schedule is perfect for me. I also have a monk and a DH I could level as a tank if need be. My BattleTag is Mych#1443. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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