Which new Allied race do you want?

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If you could pick any race as an Allied race, what would it be?

No joke races please. (by joke races I mean murlocs, podlings, vermin, grummles, sporregar, kobolds, gnolls, troggs and silly things like that. real races only plz)
But Murlocs are a real race.
Cat people.
Not Hozen.

I think dryads/children of cenarius would be cool additions.
all the other types of dwarves (frost, wildhammer, etc.)
Slightly larger pauldron orcs.
Saurok. A playable reptilian race would be really cool.
Arrakoa, without question.

Leper Gnomes
Squirrels and/or those other small critters.
Manari eredar or whatever they are called.

But those are just red draenei, not if they can be rogues and warlocks
Hozen, leper gnomes and vulpera are also joke races. However saberon even if they are cat people like vulpera are NOT joke races. Jinyu are not joke races either.

Arrakoa is the right answer.

Murloc might be a 'real race' but they are still a joke race. Hard to explain...

Basically a joke race has to meet 3 criteria...

1-they must be cute beyond measure

2-usually stupid. by stupid i don't mean they have no intelligence, but consider hozen 'me going to ook you in dooka' and murlocs have no single god that they all worship etc. gnolls and kobolds though are very stupid.

3-they generally lack a civilization for their own race, for instance there's no murloc city, or no city that's pure hozen, now a city can be multicultural to a degree, like Stormwind lets in all races, but Stormwind is still humans etc just as Silvermoon was made for elves. Now before you say void elves, well I am talking about races where they've never bothered building a proper city in any time in their history.

Jinyu fail the cute test so they are not a joke race.

Make sense?
For alliance:

1. High elves

2. Wildhammer dwarves

3. Titanforged dwarves (combination of frost dwarves, earthen, and iron/stormforged dwarves into one "race")

4. Jinyu

5. vrykul

6. sethrak

7. Arakkoa

8. Dryads/keepers

9. Furbolgs

10. Black dragons (wrathion)(also possibly better as a class option with wrathion representing the alliance and and ebonhorn the horde)

For horde:

1. Ogres

2. Forest trolls

3. Taunka

4. Hozen

5. Mogu

6. Mok'nathal

7. San'layn

8. Vulpera
San’layn and Vulpera
07/13/2018 10:33 PMPosted by Flikdurklek
1. High elves


07/13/2018 10:33 PMPosted by Flikdurklek
3. Titanforged dwarves (combination of frost dwarves, earthen, and iron/stormforged dwarves into one "race")

<3 That sounds good. The Alliance can be once again, more about short bearded people!
Why has no one said Silver Covenant High Elves yet!?! That's my number one pick, with Eredar for the Horde being my second pick. I also do not consider Murlocs to be a 'joke' race, they could work very well AND have can be available to both factions by giving the Horde Red and Orange scale colors and the Alliance Blue and Green.

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