What was your very first character?

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Nelf hunter in open beta. I stopped playing in BC until relatively recently. I wish I still had that account.
07/16/2018 11:59 PMPosted by Kegsmasher
Mine was a tauren druid back in burning crusade on an account I no longer have. My uncle played a tauren druid and he got me into the game so I was inspired. I remember the pain in the butt to do the animal form quests. I actually really miss those quests tbh. Even if they're not needed they were nice flavor.
on account im tryin g to get back due to lost authictor my first character ever in wow

was a warlock orc mostly because my husband at the time was my bf got me into wow and told me that orcs made the best warlock demonlogy spec so i was leaning more towards undead warlock because the undead are my favoirt race but nop he had me play a orc warlock demonology to pvp with his warrior
Rolled a Nelf warrior on Blackwater Raiders, named Lurasara, a couple of months before BC, to complement the Priest a friend was trying out. I recall we got into a guild almost as soon as we hit Teldrassil, and then spent a week or so working our way to the Barrens thru Darkshore and Ashenvale.

After that, we ran across the barrens to Rachet (back when a ferry from there went to Menethil).

The big deal was working up to where I could actually use a full set of Battleforged mail (back when warriors started in mail and worked their way up to plate). I was very dismayed to level out of it, because no transmog back then.

The same character exists, having been moved from server to server, faction changed, race changed, name changed due to server conflicts, and the like.
I think my first character was a nelf. Possibly a druid. I'd come from EQ and druids were more like hunters there. I also had a forsaken early on. I have no clue what class.

I remember how hunters didn't even get pets until level 10, so I must have had a nelf hunter pretty early on. I was going through deleting some old characters a while back and I found a hunter who still had a bunch of arrows and pet food. Good times.
Dwarf Hunter.

I loved the opening in Vanilla so much, I had to.

Then I got stuck in Stranglethorn for what felt like a month due to being ganked every ten seconds. XD

Good times.
I think it was a Forsaken, can't recall if it was a Rogue or warrior. If it was not that Dwarf Hunter or Human Warrior...
A shadow priest that never made it to max level, and still sits on my first account. I think he's level 51 or something
Mine was a Human Priest that I played for a couple days shortly after launch, before deleting him and rolling a Fury Warrior.
08/11/2018 02:26 PMPosted by Averax
A shadow priest that never made it to max level, and still sits on my first account. I think he's level 51 or something

I actually went and dug up the old account for nostalgia purposes (those old emails were frightening with all the spam and phishing), and then i remembered that it was hacked a long time ago and everything on it has been gone for a while....

Kinda sad...

Can't even restore one old character.


At least a while ago, i sent a scroll of resurrection to it before they stopped doing that, and i got a free boost to level 85 for one of the characters with it, so i chose my paladin, and i decided to have the paladin transferred over into my primary account.

I never touch my paladin, but still, the sentiment...
I made this guy in vanilla, and did the first 12 levels with my dad. I don't like playing mage, but this guy will always have a special place in my heart.
Night elf warrior

Time flies when you’re having fun!
This one...she is almost 15

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