CN Recruiting for BFA Mythic

Blackhand and Galakrond
Comfortably Numb 10/11M (Hopefully 11/11 next week) is recruiting a limited number of exceptional raiders for Mythic BFA content.

As one of a few guilds that succeeds at Mythic raiding on BH we take pride in keeping our dead server on the map!. We strive to give people looking for the greatest challenges in the game a home. We have a limited raiding schedule of Tue and Thur 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Central and use every minute of the 6 hours to progress as much as we can. We expect all raiders and raider apps to be prepared by studying, preparing and coming as ready as they can be to every raid.

We are melee heavy so we are specifically looking for ranged dps and healers ( Monk, Sham, Priest preferred) .

Any applicants Must have warcraftlogs as means of reference,

If interested please fill out an app on


Contact Parlignomy, Apep, Darkytotem, Joob in game for a personalized interview!

Happy Raiding in BFA! Your friendly neighborhood gnome - Parli!

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