Damage Inc - Mythic Raiding in BFA

Guild Recruitment
Welcome Raiders to Damage Inc's recruitment thread.
To apply to join, please contact me directly at:
  • Battletag : Black#1220
  • Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/PARzyE
  • In game on my characters: Anyshia, Anylia, SaphireNyx
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    About myself
    I have been raiding since vanilla, proud owner of benediction, currently a 977 holy priest healer in Legion and one of the best around. I always enjoy meeting raiders and even host my own private Discord channel.

    Damage Inc

    We are an alliance guild based on the Sargeras server. We have existed since prior to the start of legion, and will continue to do so past BFA expansion. We have a solid officer team and we enjoy a competitive raiding environment while being open to softening things up from time to time. We maintained a top 100 presence through legion up until this past march.

    Raiding Schedule

    Our raiding hours are always 20:30 EST until 23:30 EST
    Our raiding Schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday : Progression
  • Wednesday: Tier Farming
  • Thursday: Progression
  • Friday: Casual fun Night
  • Monday: Keystones & 5 man content
  • Raid Composition

    In BFA we will be running 2 / 4 / 14 for Mythic raiding. We are currently seeking applicants for core raiding positions in Battle for Azeroth expansion.

    What we want in our candidates is as follows:
    1.-You are present on raid nights 15 minutes ahead of time
    2.-You know the meaning of the word raid awareness
    3.-Your goal is being the best you can be (Gear, Performance)

    Tank, Healer & Dps core spots are open.
    Joining the guild is a requirement to apply for any core position.
    We dedicate time for you, we expect you to dedicate time for us.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Groups of friends are more then welcome with us.


    Our Raiding community channel

    Baby Bump
    baby grows
    baby bump - Recruitment starting backup again once more!
    hi there I saw your post on my forum (original post)https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20766146420#post-1

    I just have a couple questions

    I have very little raid experience hopefully your guild wouldn't mind teaching me

    I do have work and school so I may not be on all the time but usually can find an hour or two
    You Seem like you would be a wonderful fit for our more casual side Aryrin.

    We run raid nights for teaching and learning and we have the people to help with every class ♥
    Baby bump - I'm Online and happy to chat

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