[A] 11/11m guild LF LATE NIGHT BFA players

Guild Recruitment
About Us
Intent is a late night, semi-hardcore progression guild on [US-Proudmoore] that has members that have been around since Vanilla, as well as members who are mainly 20+ years old. Our main goal is to progress as best we can as a team, all the while having a good time together, and doing 5 mans outside of raid times! Our goal is to get on the front page of Proudmoore and [Cutting Edge] for every tier! We are currently rank 17 on Proudmoore.

We are currently looking for all classes and specs for BFA!

Current Progression
  • EN: 7/7M (Cutting Edge)
  • ToV: 3/3M (Cutting Edge)
  • Nighthold: 7/10M
  • ToS: 8/9M
  • ABT: 11/11M (Cutting Edge)
  • Raid Times
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    10PM-1AM PST

  • Any
  • Ranged DPS
  • Any
  • Melee
  • Any
  • Tanks
  • Any
  • Experience with Mythic Raiding strongly preferred.

    What We Expect
  • Strong class knowledge
  • Strong mechanics
  • Ability to take criticism
  • Good attendance
  • Good attitude during raids
  • Raid Info
    Voice System: Discord

    If you are interested in us, then message our recruiting officers
  • Busdots--Boomzing#1889
  • bump
    Three of us are looking for a late night PST guild that is wanting to push content. This sounds really great. One of us is a WoW vet who has played each expansion, another (Me) has not played since MoP and before that since Classic and the last of us is a newb to WoW. However, we all have a lot of MMO/Raiding experience. This might be a good fit!? Hoping so!

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