Make Tower Appearance no longer Available Even if I did Earn it?

Technical Support
I thought if we got the mage tower challenge appearance before the prepatch we’d still be able to unlock the color variants, but now is shoot it’s unavailable as well as all the color variants and if I change from the current mage tower challenge appearance to another, I can’t get the mage tower challenge appearance any longer... Is this a bug? Will we actually not be able to unlock the color variants like it said at the WoW end of Legion to do list where they stated if we unlocked the appearance from beating the challenge we’d be able to then also unlock the color variants? I’m freaking out right now as I busted my balls to earn almost all the appearances after just starting to play WoW again 5 mo the ago after a 4.5 year break, got all 12 classes to 110 and over 930 gear level just to be able to get these appearances before they were gone... I reallllyyyyy hope this is a bug and all that effort was not wasted :( :( :( :(

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