How would you rate Mage Tower overall?

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MT was up long enough that there is really no reason to complain about it one way or the other.

That being said, the challenges were mechanically demanding, but never "unfair".

Healing and Tank challenges get the special nod for being hardest because the gameplay of Healing and Tanking should be the most taxing (which is why they get extra rewards)

I rather liked the quests leading up to the challenges as well. Some fun story there.

9/10, much better than the Proving Grounds scenarios.
9/10 - would have unsubbed six months ago were it not for MT.
8/10. I feel like they coulda scaled with iLvL like Proving Grounds. But it was really good otherwise
I have to agree. This buildings should have been built very slowly and then remained up indefinitely. I think I'd rate it lower just because of that. At first I thought they were too tightly tuned so it was difficult to rebound from a single mistake but I think I just got better with every attempt because of it.

Even on the last day, when I beat a few, the challenge focus was more on mechanics and staying alive. That's what made it really good. Even when it was pretty easy it could still wreck you if you miss something.

I thought overall the Mage Tower was really good. Nice short challenges. Except for the Black Rook Hold one. I felt it was too long and the last phase to random. I had a hard time healing all three people unless I got a sting of crits. So almost every time I got to that phase I had like ten people to fight and I would just die.

I would have kept trying but the Challenge was just too long to get to the end and I didn't care anymore. I would rather have all challenges short and intense going forward.

Overall 7/10
Overall? Trash - it felt like a weak attempt to homogonize the warlock green fire quest for other classes, with the end result being a fight that could be heavily influenced by RNG and what legos you had on hand. With some specs being much harder while others being absurdly easy, essentially feeling painfully lazy.

The idea was good, have something that put a players knowledge of their class and skill to the challenge - but then through it out the window with random effects that could totally wipe the fight or making it substantially more difficult without specific legendaries equiped, utterly ruining what good the towers had going on for them. (And the fact that each fight was essentially treated as a DPS fight rather than taking advantage of what our specs were meant for was also annoying.)

07/17/2018 10:06 AMPosted by Kwanyin
9/10, would Mage Tower again.

(But I wish they'd fix the BrM weapon clipping badly for some of my fellow Monks.)

Monks got it bad with weapon clipping. My WW Monks weapon should be cutting my Monks legs off at the knees. My Monk is Human if this doesn't effect all races similarly.

07/17/2018 10:06 AMPosted by Vaeana
It loses points for frustration and for the fact that a lot of the skins were kinda meh.

I will agree that a few hidden appearances were better then the challenge appearance for a few classes and specs. That is a matter of opinion but for example Fury Warrior and MM Hunter for me.

In my last post I didn't rate the MT. I mean if it wasn't for the Legendary system and how horribly it could trivialize challenge mechanics the system would be a 9/10 easy.

I can't give it that. For me with the flaws and from my personal experience the Mage Tower gets a solid 8 out of 10.
Considering I couldn't care less about functionally useless cosmetics, 3/10 for the effort towards fight mechanics.
07/17/2018 10:04 AMPosted by Actionblaxon
I wish they would've let us do the challenges more than once after you completed them. 6/10, some of the bosses are wildly easier than others.
I agree with this and wish so also. I really wanted to compare how the challenge felt in my present state of easy mode versus the initial weeks it was released when I did it (Fury Warrior).

I'd assume if I could try now, it would be over within two Battle Cry windows to chunk down Agatha's 120M hp + her shields.

It felt really good at the time having the mogs due to the rarity. I am actually excited and hopeful for some really good looking weapons to drop that won't require being mogged over.
I tried it a couple times, was getting the fight down pretty good, but then got bored, then went and did something else. I think a more chaotic fight would have held my attention better.

I'll give it a 4 for the effort, but tons of points lost for not being able to keep my attention
Some of the best end-game content they have ever created.

Solo challenges that can't be bought via carry with unique spec-based rewards? Sign me up. They made a fantastic "end boss" of sorts for players that did not necessarily do a lot of Mythic raiding or anything (and even a bit for those that do). By having a set challenge with set tuning, it encouraged players to reach a certain iLvL and play certain content without being super overbearing or time consuming by the end of the expansion.

Obviously things like legendaries and artifacts affected the tuning quite a bit and made a lot of variance in different specs doing the same challenge. Still, with those gone, I'd love to see MT brought back in some form with a little more parity between classes. I think it's a great time-killer for end-of-expansion stuff and provided rewards that were well worth it. They were extremely addicting once you got a couple down.
BAD really bad. Not now because it was nearly easy picy in the last weeks. But it was a real pain when it was released and it took me a long hard time to beat the tank challenge. Not proving any tanking skill also. Just a dps and gear check. If you didnt have the bis legendaries you prob would fail it.

So i give it 1/10.

I hope Blizzard never come up with something like the Mage Tower challenges again. Bad designed and focused in mechs that have nothing about tanking or healing skills.

love the concept and hope they put some form of this in every future xpac, I would love to see future “mage towers” that reward class/spec specific pets, spell animations, cosmic augments to our class mounts, war banners/totems as skins for cloaks, the possiblities are endless.

I really, really enjoy having access to rewards that show proficiency & hard work that can be done solo.

The only two things I didn’t like about the mage tower.

1- the timing of it being up, I disliked having this somewhat out of your control, I would much prefer a system that is controllable by each individual player so you can manage your time and attempts.

2- RNG for items that vastly alter the difficulty of the fights, talking about the warlock slow ring here.

Achieved 36/36 before permanent MT and concordance buffs, most of them being sub 915 gear. While obviously some challenges were easier or harder, none of them felt unfairly hard aside from Aff lock without cheesing it/having slow ring.

Only docking points as I would have loved to see the option once you completed all the Mage Towers for your class to be able to requeue for any of the challenges (all 7, not just the 2-4 for your class) just for fun.
The dps challenges I'd give like an 8/10. Was fun!
5/10 for the healer challenges because the npcs are dumb af and I wanted to throw my monitor multiple times.

Had to dock a few points because of the artificially restricted access. Mage tower downtime did absolutely nothing to enrich the experience or test the player's skill. It's a solo challenge. People should not have had to schedule their activities around it.
While I was able to get the one I liked.

From my understanding the difficulty varied from class to class and spec to spec.

There was also alot of RNG involved in these fights.

But lack of being able to do them any time, the rng, and varied difficulty made the whole experience frustrating.

I would rate 5/10

Hated every minute of it. I only did it for the skins.
10/10 for concept.
8/10 for execution - I would have liked to see a greater variety of challenges better tailored to the specs. As things stand, it felt like most challenges had one or two specs it was perfect for, and the rest got added in afterwards. (E.G Marksman + Frost Mage Twins vs Shadow and Affliction).

Pretty fun and challenging, but some classes had it worse than others so the balancing needs adjustment or more quests needed to be added to accomodate the niches.

Would be better if they were designed to last longer than a single expansion, and stay challenging scaled on current content. Might be a tall order with how much classes change between expansions, but the fights were focused on mechanics mastery like most raids rather than class mastery like with the Green Fire quests.

I got the ones I wanted and tinked around with others for the fun of it. I liked the solo content. I hope they do something similar in the future, and I hope it's still solo content.

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