Centaur Clan reps bugged if completed before

Bug Report
If you didn't know, completing the quest chain in Desolace for the Gelkis and Magram Centaur Clans in this patch caps them both to exalted. Blizzard forgot to put something in for those of us that did these quests back in the Cata pre-patch though! I would suggest a simple talk option on the Khan leaders to remedy this, but until that happens those of us that completed these quests beforehand are stuck at honored with one and hated with the other.
I'm in the same position. Did these quests years ago and stuck with honored / Hated with the clans!
Same thing here, unsurprisingly. I cleared Cataclysm zones back in Cataclysm, since they were all rather enjoyable. It's a really, really big bug to lock out old players from something that new players can now get.
same boat. I made a post too
I really hope something is added to rectify this. I'm a completionist, so you know I need to have those reputations maxed, but I've already completed all of the quests because, again, completionist.

Hopefully this was just an oversight.
Same thing for me.
I'm 99.99% sure this was just an oversight. There'll most likely be a hotfix that checks (if quest compete =1 then award reps) sometime before BFA launch.
*Raises hand! Me too.
Customer Support answered my ticket and told me that the reputation was not intended and they won't be giving it to my main who has already done the quest. (I got it on my alt by doing the quest last night).
So.. Are they reverting all of those that acquired the reputation AFTER Cataclysm hit? i.e. 8.0.2? Seems to be fishy if they would accept people to run through these reps quick but if you had completed XYZ quests you are out of luck...

Thank You. <sarcasm>
Did this quest after Cata came out cause I am both a lore/achievement junkie. So I am friendly with one & hated with the other.
However when I went to Desolace on my main both clans were green for me. Am I supposed to be getting the rep in a future bug fix or something?
As said from a ticket placed via multiple people about the issue... If you have the quests done from when they were live, you are out of luck.

However, if you didn't complete them at that time you are in luck! Congrats in getting exalted in two reps until they fix the bug!
My shaman (who was my main up 'til mid-MoP) is/was/is my reputation farmer, and of course she was also the one who did Loremaster, so she's totally boned.

I was about to put in a ticket as well to see if I could get them to un-flag that quest as completed for me, but hopes are not high.

She has 86 reps, compared to my current main's 25. I, uh... yeah :\
Instead of unflagging the quest for a ridiculous amount of people I would think it would be easier for them to put a talk option on one of the khans that is only visible if your rep is less than max exalted and the quests are complete and then just have clicking the option award the rep.

Though I don't see how they can just go "oh well" if enough people complain about this. After us completionists finish the new BFA reps only some of us have to wait for a future patch to get the 100 reps exalted mount because we were forgot about by devs? =/
Or just patch it so you get max on both if you have already completed the quest
They should just give the rep to those that have previously done the quest. Seems easier than going through and removing it for people who just went and got it lol
They've made mobs in the Shok'Thokar subzone give rep when killed, so basically people who've already done this questline had to grind for several hours when people who haven't done it can complete it within 10 mins. Great solution Blizzard, doesn't feel like we're being punished for loremastering stuff since Cataclysm at all (that was sarcastic btw).

However, as inelegant this solution is, it's made even worse by the fact that if you've completed the questline, YOU'RE PHASED in this area and you CAN'T EVEN SEE THE MOBS!

Did ANYONE even think to test this? Holy crap.

A GOOD solution is so simple. Check to see if characters have completed a specific quest ID. If they have, then just set thier rep for tese two clans to exalted. Boom, the end. So incredibly simple, but THIS solution (even if it worked) is an absolute joke.
Same boat. Same f*****d up river. Sigh.
I don't even have these two reps on my list at all, no quests available - nothing.
This pre-patch is just ridiculous. The game is less appealing and more frustrating everyday. This better get fixed for the people who have been playing since 2005 and like to complete achievements and rep.

Get your !@#$ together Blizz. Exalt the people who already did the quest, problem solved.

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