Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Heyo! If anyone in the alliance side of things is looking for a fun, active guild full of friendly helpful people, add me in game at Thorînos#1798

Chaos Nomads is a small but fast growing guild that is happy to have players of all levels, classes, races and experience levels. So if you just started playing, or have played a while and need friends, hit me up! We are usually running guild dungeons, working up to being able to raid, and are working on setting up a guild discord. Hope to see you soon! For the horde peeps, we have the guild on the Silvermoon server.
You guys sound awesome. Is level 110 a requirement to join?

Go on now, git
^ Shhh.

Hmm. I was trying to reply to a different thread. Thorinos, sending you btag.

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