My poor Karkin Crab :(

07/20/2018 08:27 PMPosted by Lårs
Don't care for the new "diamond skin". What made Karkin, Karkin, was his black/red/silver color.

Agreed! I tamed him for his colors and shininess that he had at the time. Why remove it, WoW devs? Stop changing things!

My ghost dogs are all completely different now, too. They have manes and look like hyenas more than the dogs I tamed back in the day. It's awful!

I have less pets that I want to run with now because of it. Fix them back to what they were, please. "Updating models" should mean that you go over the model with the exact same colors, but just give them more pixels. Not totally destroy the look and coloration of what we camped to tame!
Been here since Vanilla, and some changes are understood. But not this one. Give us back Karkin. He was unique, and very, very cool looking. My hunter spent days getting him and Skarr. Why take away something worked to hard for? Players can get a crab and run with it. But Karkin was an achievement, and one of the things about that achievement is that you worked and died a number of times to reach it. I don't know who's idea this was, but it's a bad one. Return Karkin to his beautiful, black and red glory. It's what made him Karkin. And why we went after him.
i completely agree with everyone else. farmed for Karkin and Skarr for months before i was able to successfully tame both. Karkin looks like crap now. it looks no different than any other shoreline crab. give me back my super unique pet.
According to wow-petopia, the dev's know it's a bug and on their to do list. When it'll be done, however, we don't know. :(
You mean the blue diamond turd,, I am so disappointed in blizz for this best crab skin in game,, rare tame,, and they make it ugly,, you want new model fine blizz just change colors back plse
Bump. This is still an issue, and isn't listed on the "Known Issues" thread. I know Petopia says it's a known issue, but I haven't actually seen anything from Blizzard about it.

Can we please get a blue response or at least have it added into the "Known Issues" thread so we can be sure it's going to be fixed soon (preferably at or before 8.1)?
Bumping as well. Ive seen people with the new skin, but they had to re-camp and tame. Which we shouldn't have to do since we've already done it years ago, just because Blizz screwed something up.
BUMPing, the sooner you fix Karkin the better

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