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Hey all,

Since last patch - my launcher has been continually wanting to update the game client. Updates fine, client plays fine. As soon as I exit, the 'PLAY' button switches to 'UPDATE'. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I've reset all UI options
I've scanned the game files
I've rebooted

It's really an annoyance at this stage, as it doesn't actually affect game play, other than causing a 45-60 delay in launching, since it has to download patch data, manifests, etc to determine that hey, it's already patched.

More than anything, I just wanted to get some visibility to the problem, and if anyone has a workaround/fix I'm all ears.
Same here. Seems to be something that the Launcher goes through periodically. Not sure what causes it, or if there's any way to make it stop. :P
You want to just launch the WoW directly.

If you get the red unavailable realms, you'll know you need to run the launcher again. This is a long time bug that crops up from time to time and there doesn't seem to be a good fix to it. It appears to be an issue on Bliz's side, something isn't getting set properly in term of an update being installed, so you get this.
Figured I'd post a quick note to this thread - still an issue, has not been addressed or fixed that I can find in any way.

I've gone through the normal patching cleanup and troubleshooting to no avail. For now, I just click update and soldier on.
Again, launching WoW from its application icon instead of the app avoids the constant "fake update" issue. Only use the app for when you want to launch a game that can't be launched any other way.

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