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As an active member of the ashran communtiy, when will we expect ashran to come back?
Why all the other Allied races getting fairly cool hubs, why are Mag'har getting shafted with a building that was already there? Couldn't/Shouldnt they get Underhold and each clan gets its own section, or the very least, Ragefire chasm?
How will the level scaling in PvP work against a max geared level 120? On a side note, what are your plans for BfA concerning PvP vendors?

It seems a little silly that stats are mattering once again for PvP but with no reliable means of picking the stats on our gear, due to the stats being random still. Will we have to PvE for our gear once again?
My question, as always... Can we get HD updates to iconic gear, specifically the Hanzo sword?

Also if I can sneak in another; More player customization options! e.g. Hairstyles, hair colors, faces, etc.
There are lots of recolors of old sets (like the green recolor for tier 11 death knights) that are still in the games code but have no drop source or were never fully implemented outside of npcs. is there any chance we could see these finally make it in via old dungeon drops or perhaps the darkmoon faire?
Why are stat templates being removed from PvP while at the same time we have no reliable way to pick and have control over our stats from things like PvP vendors?
Will we see our classes develop beyond level 100 later in the expansion or are we bound to the model of items being our only form of class progression?
Why did you nerf bear tartare so harshly without offering a replacement? Transmog runs just got a whole lot more tedious.
For races with multiple eye colors: will we ever be able to choose a face, and choose the eye color separately?

I feel this would add a bunch more customization variance to some races that people would like (love to gnomes, dwarves, and humans with that.)
Q: Some specs are known to be in a "bad state" and acknowledged as such for BfA launch. Is this because developer resources and time went to Lore's haircuts?

(YEP, I went there.)
Will Warriors finally get the animation of the Faction Shield attached to Defensive Stance changed to where we can remove or transmog it? This was mentioned in 7.1.5 Q&A and never followed up on.
If everything is shades of grey in WoW, why is everything showing Sylvanas blackest of blackest nights?
Since masterloot is clearly not going to return, any chance on a loosening of the trading restrictions on personal loot in guild groups? ilvl certainly isn't everything when it comes to gearing.
Any chance we can see an update to the action house? It's interface is terrible and has been in desperate need of a face lift for a long time. At the very least it would be nice to be able to search by stack size, so you don't have to click through page after page of single stacks of potions, flask etc.
Can we possibly get 10 man raiding to come back in BfA please?!
Are we going to be able to trade personal looted mounts between players in a group like we can now with Rukhmar and Timereaver?
How will you throttle PvE gear to stop it from becoming best in slot for PvP? Currently the PvP trinkets stand no chance against PvE trinkets, and PvP gear is loaded with versatility, which is a meme stat.
The boots that match the Antorus raid set for rogues are not in game, despite the model being datamined before 7.3 even launched. Is there any chance that the appearance can be added or given to players who have collected the other 7 pieces already?
Why did you raise the level to be able to tame Exotic Pets from 10 to 65?... And to 65?
07/16/2018 12:13 PMPosted by Wilwings
Since masterloot is clearly not going to return, any chance on a loosening of the trading restrictions on personal loot in guild groups? ilvl certainly isn't everything when it comes to gearing.

I see this as being abused (hence the ilevel restriction) by forcing people to trade loot to other players when that is expressly against the stated intentions in the last few Q&As. I would not be surprised if it wasn't answered or even asked for that reason.

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