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Hi Ion, do you have plans to rework the Worgen models?

Also, can Gnomes ever expect a solution to the weapons clipping problem? Many of us can't use our Mage Tower weapon appearances, as they clip well into the ground.

Thanks for all that you do, and thanks for caring.
On alliance side there are only horses and gryphons for mount rep rewards, while Horde gets some unique and often exclusive mount models. Why wasn't there more drust or stormsong identity in the Alliance mount rewards, (as an example)?
What happened with honor conversion scaling when it went account wide. We are now further from our goals than when we started
With big numbers having been addressed, what about the amount of levels? Is there any chance of a level squish in the future?

As it is, we will level up 119 times; not even half of those levels will provide incentives in the forms of new spells, talents, and so on. A level without a new ability or real increase in character power may as well not be a level at all. The current pace of leveling makes this especially intolerable.

Thanks for your work, and an even bigger thanks if you can address this concern!
any chance of that fabled legendary dance studio?
Can we please get fat goblins in the barber shop D: i wanna look like Gallywix!!!
What's up with the eyes on straight-postured orcs always looking off to the side when they're standing idle? Why can't straight-postured orcs have their eyes look straight forward? Are cross-eyes the cost orcs must pay after a trip to the chiropractor?
are vulpera just going to be quest-hub npcs or do the have the potential to be something more?
you added new customization options for horde but when is alliance gonna get new options like upright worgen.
Why do you feel it's appropriate to reward BG wins with things like.... swiftness potions?
When will you add the Mecha-Mogul mk2 to the mount collection page. It doesn't show up and I just want to stare at it.
Since leveling allied races is a thing, any plans to spice up the older leveling zones? More specifically, to make use of the modern questing style found in today's game? Bonus objectives, treasure boxes (that give xp), more routine rares, etc (similar to wod's approach).
i have the mage tower basic transmog, and i'm still able to get the green color from kil'jaedan heroic in 8.0, will i be able to get it on 8.1 too? (no luck with the heroic pugs so far )

A lot of druid utility is tied up in the need to switch forms which, for Guardian in particular, is something that's just too punishing to do. The 45-level talents, the affinities, which to my knowledge are not liked by many druids, seem like a good way to visit how druid utility and playstyle works.
Do (Stonemaul) Ogres have the potential to become an Allied Race? They do share many animations with the Moonkin form. Furthermore, not all Ogres tower over the current playable races. Some are only the size of a Tauren.
over some of the past few xpacs weve received a couple new classes i.e. WotLK - DKs, Pandaria - Monks, and Legion - DHs but ive noticed these are all melee classes. Is there a chance for a new ranged class in the future?
My server's warmode pvp shard seems insanely unbalanced between horde and alliance population. I don't even see alliance. Just dozens of horde controlling every zone. Is this different from how that will work in BFA?
So why 11 levels for legacy loot? If its because its tied to the legacy buff, why not just make it so buff starts at 11 and loot starts at 10 so those who can solo without buff can get full loot at next expac's max?
Are there any chances of upping the amount of old world transmog items Demon Hunters can use? One of the weird ones being the inability to use Quel'Serrar yet being able to use Quel'Derrar. Was curious as monks seemed to get quite a few more additions to their transmog arsenal as the game progressed.

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