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07/17/2018 03:10 PMPosted by Dragmir
How much longer might this take I tried this morning at 12pm and again at 3pm. None of my character are load they all say character not located. We pay for this and I work I only get one day off a week and have not been able to play at all on this day. It's extremely frustrating and quite a nuisance. Are we going to be compensated in some way for the major inconvenience. Or just left hoping it works soon.
Ditto. Same bug here. I was at least hoping to get my Belf paladin's eyes fixed. Alas, it looks like today is NOT THAT DAY! :-(
Having similar issues to the others, except previously my characters showed up and I got a "Character Not Found" message. I logged out to try again but now it says I have no characters on any realm. I just wanna make sure they didn't get erased or something.
server was gone for moment, logged back it was there but no chars.

Server gone again..just gonna wait it out a little. Excited to check out the new patch!
so....... where are my toons? I have 50 and you managed to loose them all
UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Now its telling me my graphic card is out of date when I know it isn't
Ok, so I logged in again and all my toons are gone... my restore button is refreshed and I know I used it a few days ago to bring back one of my toons.
mine is just straight up no characters no quantity solid patch hope i can play again soon thanks for the thread though :)
I have toons spread across 4 main realms - When I finally get past the hanging "retrieving realm list" ALL my toons are missing from Shandris Bronzebeard Azuremyst Korialstrasz
Got in! I just waited a while at the character screen before trying... OR ... they fixed it.
I'm in now. Thanks Blizz
Are we ever compensated?
anyone getting black screen on cinematic and when you click on the screen, it says "World of Warcraft is not responding". if so is there a fix? or is it just the patch issues?

Please help. Thanks
EVERY WEEK theres something makeing us unable to login it feels like, Feels bad blizzard. How can you keep getting DDoS'd and hacked and all that? What kind of weak company have you become? lel....
Creating a new Char will not work as well. You can customize it but once you click to create nothing happens
I can log in, see my characters, and get onto an alt, but I get the "character not found" error, when trying to access my main.
Battle.Net loads but Warcraft won't load. Get blank screen and HDD runs for 15 minutes.
07/17/2018 03:15 PMPosted by Glóssven
I say we riot outside blizzard headquarters.
Typical Horde
Still the same issue, every character I've tried on Barthilas
well I am back to not even being able to get to the realm selection part/char select screen. But was having the same the same issue of"character not found". Correct me if im wrong but this isnt "a step in the right direction". lmao

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