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Anub’arak, Chromaggus, Crushridge, Garithos, Nathrezim, and Smolderthorn
Dear Horde Players, "For The Lulz" is an up and coming Community built with idea of bringing Vanilla play back to the game with random acts of goofiness and scheduled epic events.

Do you want to raid Astranaar?
Do you want to have 50 person battle royale at the gurubashi arena?
Do you want to try doing a 25 man raid with only druids.
Do you want to join a bunch of other people in creating level 1 humans and drown yourself in the rivers of Stormwind?
Do you want to gank a bunch of plebs in Hellfire Peninsula and then run away when they log onto their rogue mains?
Do you want to play hide and seek?
Do you want trivia and lore?
Do you need help with some achieves and some runs or bgs?

For The Lulz is for you then.

There will be weekly planned events, with some prizes and giveaways, an active twitter (@FTLhorde) and discord (https://discord.gg/KekFB6R), plus plenty of others to chat and enjoy this game with.

^ is a link to get an invite.

Damnitdan#1890 is my Real ID just in case you have any comments, questions or concerns.

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