so they got rid of magetower...

Did people just see a video guide that mentioned luffas in the first 30 seconds and assume you absolutely need it or something? Balance affinity gives more than enough range to stay outside of the debuff pool and kite kruul/ghosts.
Yea your situation is unfortunate but what's the point of complaining about it now? Not sure if you're here to troll or looking for sympathy that you won't find. The change was announced quite a long time ago, they kept the mage tower up 24/7 for the 2-3 weeks leading up to prepatch, and gave everyone maxed artifact weapons. The point of the mage tower was to be a challenge, and if you're trying to claim that you would have gotten it if only you had that one specific legendary, then frankly you don't deserve it. There's plenty of challenges that could be cheesed with specific legendaries (looking at you, warlock ring), but it's so unreasonable to complain when blizzard gave plenty of other 'catch up' opportunities.
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Giving Druids a sweet new look was cool after so many years looking the same.

Rerolling your race is always an option. Kul'Tiran and Zandalari druids have all new unique forms, and considering the huge amount of people that actually did get the challenge mode skin those forms will be just as 'unique'.
Okay, I hear you all but point is why even release the vendor legendaries now?

Kruul is a range fight regardless if you have legendaries that help, congrats you worked so hard for it. Honestly my point is the bad implementation, plus having to wait 24hrs to unlock my stupid second legendary and not having time to complete the “challenge” and BFA isn’t out yet.

If you feel so elite for completing that challenge that’s cool, but seriously is it wrong to ask why they implemented this catch up so late in the game? I have multiple characters that I missed out on because I was farming essences for this Druid...
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Okay, I hear you all but point is why even release the vendor legendaries now?
So everyone can go into BfA on near equal footing while leveling. They could've simply disabled them, I suppose, but I don't see the harm in this either.

07/19/2018 02:40 PMPosted by Sagittarian
If you feel so elite for completing that challenge that’s cool, but seriously is it wrong to ask why they implemented this catch up so late in the game?
Because it's a catchup for BfA, not for your Mage Tower.

Mage Tower had a few very significant catchups:

- ToS gear
- Antorus gear
- Broken Shore vendor gear
- Argus vendor gear
- Multiple buffs to Artifacts since
- A massive buff to Artifacts overall for the last few weeks

You missed it and I get it, it sucks to be in your position, but it's a reward for people who've been playing the expansion, or could efficiently hop into the expansion at the last second and get the easily obtained gear to do it.

We had the deadline for a very long time. If you were away from the game and never saw it, then you weren't the audience the Mage Tower skins were meant for. It's a participation trophy.
the only bull!@#$ part about the mage tower was having to wait for it to come up.

then they finally made it 24/7.
This is a great E-Peen contest through the replies. Sorry you didn't get your Wear Bear OP, that sucks.

But, we already knew the acquisition of Legendary's made them imbalanced upon arrival. And our experience in Legion makes the thought of a Legendary sour at best. Kruul was a pain in the !@# for a lot of us. But he was beatable without Legendary's.

At least you had the opportunity to attempt it. Future Druid Alts, and future players who main Druid are screwed. They don't even get an opportunity to get it. Much like me staring at that sweet MoP challenge set that I'll never have. It makes us all appreciate what they may throw at us in future Expacs. Maybe BFA will have something cooler.
All the information was available. The date that mage tower would be removed, videos on how to do the mechanic, videos on gearing up.

Mage tower was do-able on 910+ characters without legendaries.

Blaming the game developers for removing something when everyone had WEEKS of notice is simply priviledge and expectancies to be catered to. You're at fault, dont shift it to the devs.
It took me 109 attempts to get the guardian MT, then 2 hours later Luffas dropped....
1. I am genuinely sorry that you’re frustrated and disappointed. It’s a crappy feeling.

2. Missing optimal legendaries doesn’t preclude you from doing a Mage Tower challenge. You had warning and tons of time to practice, watch tutorials, ask for help with specific problems. It isn’t Bliz’s fault that you missed your artifact appearance.

3. If you’re losing interest in BFA, don’t play it. It’s summer (assuming you’re northern hemisphere). It’s lovely outside. Go enjoy it. If and when you want to try BFA, there will be catch-up mechanics.
My Story:
If its any consolation I couldn't do Mage Tower at 940+IL.
I had Luffa, Ekos, balance affinity, macros, buffs, potions.
I watched every guide, video, advice, etc.

Just couldn't wrap my head around the whole concept.

Actually could beat Variss ok, but could never beat Kruul. Waaaaay too much going on.

Bottom line for me......It was never fun gaming for me from the beginning.
Some people like a challenge...maybe..but I don't like this one.
I just wanted the skin, but definitely not worth the effort of hate gaming for me.
Did Krull at 926 Ilvl with a Resto LEGO and antorus ring..... had the max artifact though which was a big dps boost.

People are right this fight is a test of your awareness. Also did it on two DH and a paly.
Finished something like 31/36 mage tower appearances the weekend before the concordance buff. Gear triviliazed the challenges far more than legendaries did.

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