[A] Late Nite Heroic Only T/Th 830-1100pm PST

Darrowmere and Windrunner
Radiant Dark is a late night Heroic-only raiding guild that might be a good fit for you!

We have been going strong on the Windrunner PVE server (now linked with Darrowmere) since Vanilla WoW in 2004. Our membership is comprised of players of all different skill levels, ages, backgrounds and professions. Most of our players are graduate students or working professionals, and many have spouses and families.

Several of us live on the West Coast, from Washington to California, but we also have members from across the country. We have a the Radiant Dark Annual BBQ at the end of summer in the Bay Area and a Radiant Dark Blizzcon Pre-Party every year in Anaheim.

We’ve achieved AotC every raid tier for several years now. We prefer heroic so everyone can be included and we use personal loot so there isn’t any drama. Several of our players are former Mythic raiders who just got burnt out on the grind and enjoy the challenge offered by Heroic in a more casual atmosphere. If you are looking for a Mythic raiding guild, Radiant Dark is not for you.

Our raid times are Tue and Thu 830 pm to 11pm Pacific Standard Time (server time).

When there is no content drought, we regularly run Mythic +10 and higher; some members enjoy casual PVP.

Check us out radiantdark.net!
With the launch of BfA, feel free to drop us an application. We are always looking for like minded people who want the challenge of Heroic raiding but not the stress and grind of Mythic raiding.
All applications to <Radiant Dark> for raiding are currently on hold.

We've had an influx of new members and raid slots are limited. But, we're still willing to look at any and all applications with the understanding that you may be on standby pending available slots. And of course, new causal members are always welcome.

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