Anyone Remember LDYBUG?

Darrowmere and Windrunner
Back in 2006 - when i was 10 years old I walked into darnassus absolutely amazed at the scenery, keep in mind, my brother and I weren't big gamers back then - at best we had a nintendo Gamecube and only one game needed; Super Smash Bros.

That was the only game (apart from Battlefields) that I had ever played before WoW.

The VERY first person I met who was level 60 was LDYBUG, a Female Night Elf Druid. Dancing on a mailbox.
This was genuinely one of the nicest people I had ever met on WoW.
They dropped in over the next few years to check on me etc...

Anyway, after WotLK they Vanished into thin air - and since i'm Australian i don't play on US servers anymore.

I'd just love to know if they're still playing and are in good health.

- Domonick (Level 6 Night Elf Druid)
Didn't you make a post here about a year ago, claiming you deleted all your characters and were quitting for good?

Welcome back KEK. I do remember Ldybug. Even though Windrunner forums died a long time ago, her armory profile is rather up to date, so it seems like she's still playing

Though my memories of Ldybug are her spamming trade chat complaining about PvP. I guess you have more fond memories of her than most of us Windrunners

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