Vanilla Mining stuck at 290

I'm on a level 70 alt and trying--for the sake of completeness--to max her vanilla mining, but at 290/300 all old world nodes and smelting choices are gray. Am I missing something? Presumably if I head to Outland I will only get credit for Outland mining(?) I read somewhere that Rich Thorium Veins would level up (this is pre-8.0 info obviously) but I've hit quite a few and have not seen a single point past 290. I also mined a few frozen giants in Wintergrasp, but that didn't work either.

I'm aware that it's not necessary to do this, but...something something OCD.

[Edit] Have just noticed that Rich Thorium Veins are green, but still no points after many attempts.
Yeah, that's actually what it looked like in vanilla as well, have you checked the dark iron veins in molten core? those might be higher lvl.
Hey, I found myself stuck here today as well... after spending the good part of an hour in WInterspring looking for Rich Thorium veins, I saw this post and decided to head to Blackrock Depths to try the Dark Iron method... AND SUCCESS!

You do not MINE Dark Iron ore in MC, but you need to smelt it to get your mining skill from 290-300.

To do so, you first need to talk with Gloom'Rel, one of the seven dwarves in Blackrock Depths. He will ask for a tribute so remember to bring:

2 Star Ruby
10 Truesilver Bars
20 Gold Bars

He will then teach you how to smelt Dark Iron ore into bars.

You also need to be in Blackrock Depths to smelt the ore at the black forge, located near the entrance to MC.

Hope this helps!
You can grind rich thorium nodes, just takes awhile.
I've been trying to get past 297. Rich Thorium is gray, but thank you for the heads up on Dark Iron Ore. Heading there now.
Also the one thing the Darkmoon Faire profession quests are still useful for.
Yeah I noticed that awhile ago when I re-leveled mining on a toon. While gathering thorium for arcane crystals, my old world mining skill did not go past 290. Before BFA, you could smelt fel iron ore at about 275 if I remember correctly.

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