(A-RP) Keepers of the Moon

Wyrmrest Accord
*Flyers are posted on Notice Boards throughout Alliance cities.*

A call to arms for all Kaldorei and citizens of Kalimdor! Darkshore and Ashenvale have fallen into the Horde's hands! The Kaldorei will stand for this no longer! Sylvanas will answer for the atrocities she has committed, and we need every able-bodied citizen and soldier to help bring her and her armies to heel. For the first time, we will be opening our ranks to a select few non-Kaldorei in a military exchange program. Be they natural citizens of Kalimdor or fellow members of the Alliance, we are proud to have them aid our cause.

We will not forget those who have been displaced by war. We will offer supplies, protection, and the opportunity to help reclaim your homeland. For those with no experience or require training, our roster of proud veterans will teach you to wield blade, bow, or spell. With the forces of nature and new allies by our side, we exact justice for the fallen, heal the wounded, and liberate our lands and people from the grip of the enemy. We will take the fight to the Horde wherever they may tread and flush them out like the vermin they are. Strike from the shadows, so they will fear the night and what hides within it.

Tor ilisar'thera'nal! For Kalimdor and For the Alliance!

OOC info:

The drums of war are sounding and we've lost our beloved city and RP spot centric to the Night Elf community for the past 13 years. It's going to be a huge adjustment IC and OOC, so we're once again rebranding and taking our guild in a new direction appropriate for the expansion. The Keepers have always been a band of misfits comprising of Kaldorei from all paths and walks of life. From the enigmatic Highborne, the eldritch Twiceborne, and the outcast Demon Hunters reintegrating back into society after the defeat of the Burning Legion, we've always taken in "strays" and given them a purpose and a place to call home. We have decided to allow other races to apply on a case-by-case basis, should they show as much dedication to Kalimdor as we do. Not only will we be working to ICly "reclaim" Kalimdor through war fronts and guerilla warfare, we'll also show a humanitarian side as well through rehabilitation efforts for civilians who have been displaced by the war. Our guild is also friendly and helpful to new RPers as well as LGBTQIA+ friendly!

Officers: Azaeluna/Illyirana, Ereminn, Valeclaw, Lorendrethil, Caledonii

Website: https://keepersofthemoonwra.shivtr.com/

First of all, I think this sounds like a fun guild to be a part of. In your post, you make it sound like you guys plan to RP-PvP or have combat based events. Is that correct, or have I misread something?
07/17/2018 09:07 AMPosted by Denareirn

First of all, I think this sounds like a fun guild to be a part of. In your post, you make it sound like you guys plan to RP-PvP or have combat based events. Is that correct, or have I misread something?

Hello there! We do have some events that are combat based, and we do have a healthy amount of us who enjoy PvP. We hope to collaborate with other Kalimdor-based guilds for RP-PvP in the future.
Greetings, this sounds quite interesting. I'd love to join my fellow Kaldorei in the upcoming battle.
Quality guild with good people.
A good guild with great people, couldn't suggest them more.
Great guild, always pleased to see you around.
Thanks, everyone. <3
Bumping. Grab your sword and fight the Horde!
Arise Ancients! Our sacred groves are despoiled by the mongrel Horde; In the name of Elune and for the glory of Kalimdor we will crush these savages and restore order!
Always really enjoyed seeing this guild out and about, and it's awesome to see the turns that other guilds are making in response to the Pre-patch stuff.

I look forward to standing beside them against the Horde and their vile Warchief!
Elune-Adore! For the Alliance!
Disregard my last post. I need to reschedule.
I will be hosting a final Full Moon Ritual tonight in Darnassus at the Temple of the Moon 0700 PM pacific time, before we have no temple there any longer, join if you wish.
As the events in Darkshore escalate, the Keepers are seeking more to take up arms!

Will you answer the call?
Great guild and great people. I've enjoyed the short time I've been here.
(( Views are IC and Loren'drethil's alone ))

*Loren'drethil stands before a group of Kaldorei guerillas atop a peak in Stonetalon*

I see gathered before me, a people ancient, learned, wise and powerful. We have graced this world with its greatest age, and then, we have also known known defeat and failure.

We knew it then, all too well, and now, we know it again.

It is a process, come to humble us from our set ways. The world changes, and so must we along with it. I, of all people, see this now. Do you?

*Loren'drethil takes a moment to meet the eyes of several Kaldorei with a resolute stare*

Our leaders have grown soft and complacent. The interests of the Kaldorei were placed secondary to their overtures of peace and co-existence,

There can be no peace. There will be no co-existence!

Now you see, that these savages cannot be reasoned with. They defy all attempts to be understood. They invaded Kalimdor, our birthright and nation, and we will punish these pitiful wretches with a vengeance beyond the Nightmare!

And it shall not end until we have driven the depraved enemy into the Veiled Sea, till their cities lie in ruin by the strength of the Ancients, till they beg and for mercy and forgiveness - and we will deny!

Have heart, brothers and sisters!

The day is not yet lost, and the war is just begun.

Get in position. Elune will lead us to victory!

Tor Illisar'thera'nal!
The Ren'dorei emissary stood amongst the rubble, having seen all this before, all of this in Quel'Thalas. She sat atop a simple armored horse, with other volunteers in the area. A mix of other Ren'dorei who had come and a few Quel'dorei who had long been trying to securing friendly terms with the Kaldorei.

She looked down at the captive Sin'dorei, a Knight whom recognized her. "Ceridwen, what trouble has Isca gotten you into, you..." she then hissed at him "You stand guilty of treason, you serve an agent of the Scourge and aid it in its occupation of Quel'Thalas. You serve Arthas' puppet, You've betrayed the Farstriders Code of Honor and must die!" she barked in a voice that was both cold and vicious. With that an attending Highborne mage coated the Knight in a flamestrike to reduce him to cinders.

Sign up, I like this guild.
Love the guild, you should join us. :)

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