What's the best race to play for a hunter?

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I'm looking to make a hunter and I don't know which race to pick.
If original is your cup of tea, try a Goblin or Gnome with the Engineering profession and start hunting down some mechanical pets to finish the look off! ♥
Lightforged Draenei, no matter what planet you go to, it's fitting that you have pets from there! and mech AND spirit pets too!
Night Elf, duh!
Worgen, of course.
Troll, pretend you're Vol'Jin. Orcs have that tiny bonus to pets racial as well.

<-- Look at this nerd. I hate him. I regret race changing to this.
Heh, it's almost a different answer for each reply.
If you're intending to stick to horde, then Troll probably.
Alliance seems to be Night Elf female or Dwarf male as archetypical hunters.

You could surprise everyone by going Pandaren, then choose your faction once you finish their starting zone.
I mean.. Racials really have no purpose in the game anymore. They're not game breaking like they used to be.

Pick the one you think looks the best and play that.
Draenei is the best race
Awwooo....uhmm sorry
I mean worgen
07/13/2018 09:46 PMPosted by Azuremi
Draenei is the best race

Dwarf is best EVERYTHING!

Djali: Not best Druid.
Xialla: Soon™.
Djali: Oh come on, you know--
Xialla: *glares* SOON™
Djali: *backs away slowly* Yah mon, soon™.

Nildrohain: Not Demon Hunters either.
Xialla: Dwarves don't want to be best at the worst class anyway. You look like someone crossed a glow worm with a stag beetle.
Nildrohain: *cries*

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