Show your Mage Tower Mogs!

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Here's to the people that spent more mogging their armor than repairing it!
We know who you are. It's okay. ;)
What set or mog did you pair your new (or old) shinies with?
I thought this set from Cata went nice with the flail.
I like the one i have on.
Go well with the green tint of the weapon.

Still missing the helm. It just dont want to drop.
Green ghostblades are the hotness.
I initially had that plain Lich King-esque set from season 3-4. Then I got this bad boy from the mage tower and realized I needed something a bit more...intimidating.
Class hall set ftw
Start with some Sunwell with a Dash of Nighthold, stir in the Arcane mage tower appearance and you have one sexy blood elf mage.
Still a work in progress, but then again, who isn't?
If only Blood was a DPS spec...
laughs in druid
Had a pretty good mog set going for awhile.
Then I like this tier. So switched it up.
Was looking into something that would the soul drinkers together.
Still looking. A WIP as its called.
Meh. I don't actually have a lot of good mog options for my characters yet. I should probably farm old raids more often.
It turns out I don't actually have much for light blue. But it matches better than I've got for Arcane.
Felt like a sexy balance of sun and fel.
This is what I have planned for my mage once I change him to a Mag'har. Using the Fire mage tower skin.
For this mage I found something that would look reasonably nice with all 3 specs' weapons, as they're all either blue, gold, or blue and gold.
Turns out the 'mog I've been using for almost 4 years on this druid (my main going forward) was just fine. :)
Gold on red baby!
It looks decent with the lightbringer/lightbringer 2.0 set.

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