Prestige25 NEEDS to be honor level300.

Bug Report

I have submitted four petitions and have gotten literally no help from any of the four GM's on this matter.. the last one finally said to fill out a bug report... here we go...

I want to start off by saying.. yes.. I understand there was change for pvp achievements/honor levels and it is "based off the account"... With that being said..

I have gotten the level 25 prestige award, with max out honor level.. (Does not allow me to upload a picture, feelsbadman..) I log in to see that I am "honor level 130"... and my honor level 150 achievement award is "Prestigious Royal Courser" mount which i have already gotten from Prestige level 21..Furthermore Honor level 200 awards title "Bound by Honor" which I have gotten already from Prestige level 22... Next would be honor level 250 awards mount "Prestigious Midnight Courser" which I have gotten already from Prestige level 25.... and finally Honor Level 300 which awards title "The Tactician"... which I have already gotten from getting max honor level in Prestige 25.... I have already earned these things from Prestige levels...

With all this being said... why would I be set to honor level 130 and be forced to grind out 170 honor level to be at the EXACT same spot that I was before the pre-patch and earn nothing at all....I can not see Blizzard penalizing players who have worked so hard to get max prestige/honor levels before prepatch just to have it all undone. This has got to be a bug/mistake based on this information that I have listed. I really hope that you all look into this and fix it to be a base of 300 honor level, which it should be.

Thanks fam !
So, they announced before the patch that it wasn't a direct 1:1 changeover. They likened it to Paragon levels in D3 when they released Reaper of Souls, where Paragon became account-wide, but smashing 2 200 Paragon characters wouldn't equal 400, more like 325 or something, or maybe much less. Same deal here. As you go up in Prestige, it counted for less toward the total, and when you smack in other characters who've reached similar points, it gets you back toward where you originally were. I'm not saying it was the best way to handle it, but it's not a bug in the same sense. There is an actual post on this but I can't be bothered to look it up.

Suffice it to say that you'll be better off discussing it in the PvP forum(s).
That still makes no sense... If you have earned all the achievements and have gotten the rewards then you should be at the base of 300 since you have maxed out on that one character Prestige 25.. or they need to change the rewards with the new honor levels and not screw over many people who only play one character like myself and make them grind out 170 honor levels to be at the exact same spot for something that they have already achieved.

I can totally understand it being you get honor level 300 (all of the rewards are the EXACT SAME from prestige levels..) and THEN add in the other characters for a higher honor level..

I will look for this post in the PvP forum(s), thanks.
I should of added this to my original post... This is what a GM sent me in a petition reply in regards to the new Honor Level system..

"I'm Asmoranom and I'll be helping out with making sure that your Honor Level was correctly calculated with the prepatch. I totally understand where you're coming from about the Prestigious Midnight Courser being awarded at Honor Level 300 when you already have it; why bother raising your HL, right?."

(He/She got the reward wrong for the 300 honor level achievement, but I'm fairly sure everyone gets the point..)

Point being.. There is literally no point to raising your honor level when you already have gained these awards from Prestige...

Also... I am sitting at 130 honor level after the changes.. I would have to grind 1,495,000 honor to be at the exact same reward level that I was previously at.. There is no logical way to defeat this and it is massively penalizing players who got to Prestige 25 during Legion, specifically those who have been maxed honor level for months on end and are still playing that character.

If this stands as is for BFA.. I and many others would have to get 1,495,000 honor to be at the same spot that we were at before Pre-Patch and then grind another 880,000 honor to get the next achievement... that would be a total of 2,375,000 million honor to get the next achievement award..

This is just unbelievable ridiculous. /endrant.
07/18/2018 09:33 PMPosted by Alextium
They likened it to Paragon levels in D3

This is a really good analogy. I haven't taken a look at the experience tables yet for honor, but just by pure speculation, honor 1-50 is similar to 1-50 from legion. Prestige 1 Honor 1-50 required the same experience, meaning (During Legion) the total experience is just Lvl 1 + Lvl 2 + Lvl 3...+ Lvl 50 per each prestige. It's very possible that the honor needed to rank up now has changed, hence the "not being a 1:1 conversion".

Going back to the Diablo 3 idea, Paragon levels are based off of total experience gained, rather than levels attained. I wouldn't put it passed Blizzard to borrow content from their other games.
@Kowea - This literally screws those who got to prestige25 max honor... There would literally be ZERO point in getting to that prestige level for the rewards if you could just afk to prestige lvl 5 on 12 toons and get the prestige 25 reward with this system...

It is extremely unfair to those who play just one character and have put forth all that effort to get the rewards just to be set so far back...

I would need 1,495,000 honor to get to the exact same reward level that is now honor level 300... How does that even make sense? I am being forced to grind that honor out to get to the EXACT same spot that I was at before the prepatch when it comes to rewards/achievements? I would need 2,375,000 honor before I can get my next reward / achievement....

This has GOT TO CHANGE and it HAS got to be a baseline of honor level 300 for those who got to max honor level prestige 25... It just penalize those way too much who got these achievements and spent all that time focusing on one character.


They have GOT to change where the awards are placed... I could understand me being placed at 130 honor level and then have all new rewards after that honor level.

(This was extremely poorly thought out and really penalizing those who got the prestige levels and rewards).

Like the GM told me in a petition reply "Why bother raising your HL, right?"
Agreed. Spent over a year slavishly farming pvp WQs every single day to hit Prestige 25, and now I'm "expected" to grind a massive amount more to reach rewards I already got? Makes no sense, and is disheartening enough to dissuade me from even bothering.

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