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I have a level 106 1/2 female nightborne mage that's itching to get to 110
Trying to finish leveling my HM Tauren. But FO4 keeps sucking my attention away from that.
Eating cornbread. Lots of butter.
Just finished all the mage tower skins i want so now the next week and a half will be fishing for the mount.
Mostly trying to finish the enhancement mage tower challenge. I do admit i'm not super pro at this game and can't really faceroll it and sometimes struggle with simple mechanics.

But damnit! I want that hammer! So far the closest i've gotten is Sigryn down to 45% range. Yes laugh all you want at how I don't have all 36 appearances yet. But I typically enjoy world content more then this stuff. I just want atleast 1 awesome thing from legion before it goes away.

I'd be happy to take advice if anyone can give any for this fight. Main thing i'm struggling with is fast reaction on certain mechanics. Mostly Sigryn going full on rage mode and killing me in a few seconds with her AoE.

Other then that, when I get to frustrated to continue for a bit, I just go back and farm old dungeon and raid mounts.
Well, I have a few loose ends left to tie up before I leave, I have already made the decision not to buy battle.

I have an almost 108 mage to get to 110 (already have one maxed on my other realm). I still have about... 5?? artifacts left to power up. I want to finish my fishing pole on my hunter. I have archaeology and fishing to do still on a couple of characters, otherwise I think I'm going to be where I am for the other professions. I have a 76 paladin to get to 80 (again, already have one maxed). The maxed paly is revered with the Argus reps, want to finish them, also the same with Emperor Rep on Timeless. Couple other odds and ends, maybe a mount run or two but I've already given up on actually getting them. I've done the mail quest part 1, still would like to finish up the second part (for the pet I think that is...).

Also going to try a few tradeskill dungeons teaming with the hubby. This is the first time in basically forever that I haven't gotten all the recipes. LOL I even got all the jewelry recipes in Cata which took about 1 year of dailies.
I can't decide if I want to try and level one more character for mage tower or not. I don't want to miss out on artifact skins because I never got the artifact to begin with.
Sitting in Dalaran on my hunter deciding what I want to do.
Trying to get my Guardian Drood mage tower......and having a hard time....lol. But it's fun :)
Getting rep for alliance allied races, though I probably wont play them.

Getting swimming mount from margoss.

Figuring out a systematic way to farm archievements/mounts/mogs.
Am I the only one that read the OP as having a 1/2 female nightborne mage?
Taking a much-needed break after getting my Balance Druid Mage Tower and leveling a Void Elf and Lightforged Draenei for their heritage sets.

Now, I'm ready for Prepatch to finally show up.
Playing Beta. Having a blast :D

Also taking breaks and playing around on the Overwatch PTR because of the new Hero which has restored my faith in Jeff Kaplan and the Overwatch team.

(I'm sorry for doubting you Lord Jeff)
Farming transmogs. Right now trying to get the TOC sets for all classes, and the BoT/BWD sets
Clearing out my banks, trying for the Highmountain paragon cache mount and running gold missions.
Suffering through LFR on my Mage in a bid to get the tier set for some reason though I'm probably just better off farming rares on Argus for gear. I want the Arcane Mage Tower skin, but at the same time, I want BFA to be here.

There's plenty for me to do in the game, but... ugh.

That's how I feel right about now.

Oh, and posting in another Lunnaya thread.
Finishing Pathfinder. That's right.
Wanting to attempt the guardian and feral MT but I suck at druid'ing so....

Other than that leveling a void elf warlock (51 now).
Grinding all avaliable reps and old raids for battle pets / xmog.

And getting new xmog for all characters going into BFA... ALL 12 of them.
You'll see my rogue with a new one soon, maybe.
Couple more argus rekills to get the mount
And lastly, any remaining ilvl to get on alts so they can hold their own when jumped by 120s while leveling, oh to turn the tables heh.
Making money and funneling rep tokens to a specific character whose job it is to get rep reward mounts. Just finished out getting all three Army of the Light mounts today.

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