[A] Lightning's Hand recruiting a monk

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
<Lightning’s Hand> of Nesingwary, Nazgrel & Vek’nilash is recruiting a dps or healing monk! We're looking for a somersaulting fool to join us for alt runs while we finish out this expansion and move on to progression in the Battle for Azeroth. We're a semi-casual heroic raiding guild: we seek fun while killing bosses.

We strive to create a laid-back, yet everyone pulls their weight sort of atmosphere. Our members are adults that range in age from twenty to great-grandparents and we have many active couples and family members. Lightning’s Hand has been raiding together for over a decade. But some of us didn’t join our fight until the threat from the Legion was dire. We'll be starting the Battle for Azeroth with an experienced group of 30 raiders--we just need a monk to round out the team.

What are we looking for? A monk to pummel our enemies or heal our team!

What we expect of our ourselves:
* A sense of humor
* To show up every week or give notice if we can't make the raid.
* To have a great attitude and be “progression” minded. Wipes happen; it's okay.
* To be helpful, respectful, and above all else: kind to our peers.
* To respect our teammates time by being ready to go at the beginning of raid.

Interested in joining us?
Contact Kulakai-Nesingwary (Kula#1474) or any guild member in game. We’ll have you join us for a raid to see if Lightning's Hand is a place you’d like to be.

Never been a raider?
That's fine! If you are willing to put in the effort to learn your class and raiding skills, we’re willing to help you be successful. We believe that folks learn best in a supportive environment. Shouting and belittling raiders isn’t tolerated.

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