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I'm currently looking for a friendly active Alliance guild to be a part of going into BFA. I haven't had a chance to join a casual/semi-serious guild yet and feel like it’s the right thing for me right now, to get the most out of the upcoming expansion and just the game in general. It’s been a while since I’ve been part of a community I’ve enjoyed, so I’m hoping to find a friendly group of people. I’m open to switching servers if your guild is what I’m looking for.

I recently got back into WOW during the start of legion and thoroughly enjoyed it for the first time since Vanilla. I enjoy healing on my Restoration Druid, but am training an Assassin Rogue at the moment to try out in BFA.

Guild Name: <murlocs>
Website: murlocs.com
Server: Mal'ganis Horde

I'll keep it simple. We're a awesome guild with people who meet up monthly and raid weekly. Our raider experiences range from Top World Raiders (Previous US Top 50 players), to first time raiders (and faster learners).

We like to focus on community, over progression, but still maintain a "serious casual" relationship in game. We will be casually pushing mythic content in BFA.

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Raid Times:
- Tuesday: 8:15-11:15pm EST
- Wednesday 8:15-11:15pm EST
- With weekend alt runs

If you're interested, feel free to apply above, or add me on battle.net:

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!
Radiant Dark is a late night Heroic-only raiding guild that might be a good fit for you!

We have been going strong on the Windrunner PVE server (now linked with Darrowmere) since Vanilla WoW in 2004. Our membership is comprised of players of all different skill levels, ages, backgrounds and professions. Most of our players are graduate students or working professionals, and many have spouses and families.

Several of us live on the West Coast, from Washington to California, but we also have members from across the country. We have a the Radiant Dark Annual BBQ at the end of summer in the Bay Area and a Radiant Dark Blizzcon Pre-Party every year in Anaheim.

Our goal every raid tier is to get Ahead of the Curve, and we’ve achieved AotC every raid tier for several years now. We prefer heroic so everyone can be included and we use personal loot so there isn’t any drama. Several of our players are former Mythic raiders who just got burnt out on the grind and enjoy the challenge offered by Heroic in a more casual atmosphere. If you are looking for a Mythic raiding guild, Radiant Dark is not for you.

Our raid times are Tue and Thu 830 pm to 11pm Pacific Standard Time (server time).

Since we just raid Heroic, we don't really recruit specific for specific roles. To us, the player is always more important than the class, but those who can play two (or three) different specs is a bonus.

When there is no content drought, we regularly run Mythic +10 and higher; some members enjoy casual PVP.

Check us out radiantdark.net!
Hello Studentdebt

I am an Officer for the Annuit Coeptis-Shadowsong, this guild has been around for 12+ years and has had the same GM. We are looking for more raiders for our mythic progression in BFA. We also push M+ keys and try to get everyone involved with the guild. We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8-11pm pst (11-2am eastern). The guild is pretty much a bunch of retired hardcore raiders that just want to relax and kill bosses. Shadowsong is a shared server with Borean Tundra and are around the low end of the medium population, however the economy is really great. We are needing DPS so your rouge would be a great asset to the guild. If you are interested and are wanting to join an awesome community that has a zero tolerance to drama add me on Btag or discord which will be listed below. Thanks for your time and i hope to hearing back from you.
Good Evening Studentdebt,

I read your post and we are interested. We offer several established raid teams. All of our raid teams have their own experienced team leaders. We have the logs to prove that we have been together a long time.

Outside of raiding, we PvP, do Mythic+ key runs, host seed raids, and offer a variety of weekly events open to all our members. We strive to create a friendly and non-toxic environment.

We are not just a collective number of Btags and Discord names that meet up for raids. We are friends that game together--whether it is in World of Warcraft or another game.

If this sounds like the kind of community that you are interested in, then please explore the links below.

<Currently Online> Explore. Engage. Elevate.
Realms: Illidan - Horde and Sargeras - Alliance
Forum Post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765167750
Website: http://currentlyonline.gg
Email: info@currentlyonline.gg

You are also welcome to join our discord and have a look around. Most of our weekly events are listed in the #events channel. We look forward to hearing from you!

Partnered Discord: https://discord.gg/CurrentlyOnline
Look for Saph*
You are welcome to join Awaken on Lothar. It's a brand new guild with the goal to provide a small, friendly community to play WoW. We currently have a 4 man core that we run Mythic Dungeons and Mythic Keystones with and the 5th is whoever in our guild is free at moment or a random player. We have been overall pretty successful. If you joined we'd have a pretty solid 5 man team with a few people in the guild who can sub in so we always can put a party together. Right now we are formed with a Rogue, Mage, Demon Hunter (Tank) and a Death Knight. The lowest I lvl belongs to the Rogue at 933 and the highest is my Death Knight at 951, but they are always going up a little.

We are also trying to start preparing guild raids, but as of yet we don't have enough 110s that have the necessary I lvl or combat experience to make it work. Myself and some of the other more developed characters have been leading (carrying) our lower level members through Heroic and Mythic Dungeons, occasionally even a low level Keystone run, in order to help them quickly increase their I lvl. In addition we do lots of Transmog runs and we try to foster a very cooperative atmosphere where we try to help each improve. Whether that is learning how to run dungeons and raids, gearing up, learning a new class or even learning how to play WoW we try to work together as a guild to improve everyones game.
Hi there,

<Elysian Sodality> is an alliance guild on the Sargeras server and we would love to have you!

We have been together for many years and raiding as a guild since Wrath. We have a family friendly, casual atmosphere with college students, working adults with kids and even retirees.

We will be raiding again in BfA, the plan is Wednesdays and Fridays 7:30pm CST - 10:0pm CST (8:30pm EST 11:00pm EST) as soon as the raid becomes available. We are looking for dps, both melee and ranged, to join our team. We focus on normal/heroic raid content and will not push mythic progression.

We enjoy working with players that are new to the game or just new to raiding.

I am happy to answer any questions!

Hi there!
If you are looking for a good Alliance raiding guild for heroic/mythic content then look no further! House Dragonmoon has been a guild for 13 years under the same GL.
Our raid times are 8-11 central time Tue, Wed, Thur on the Lightninghoof server. We have options if you can only join us certain days, but we are looking to establish our cohesive 20 man team before mythic difficulty is launched in BFA.
If you are interested and would like more info please add me on btag DEMDEEPS#1558 so I can set up a discord interview.
We are currently 6/11 mythic in Antorus if you would like to join us for current content as well. Currently in need of monk/pally/shammy healers and hunters/mages/ele sham/boomkin for dps.
If you have another class you would like to bring just let us know and we can see if it would work with our comp. Thank you and have a good one!
Hey, I am not just gonna spam you like everyone else with a copy/paste guild recruitment message, if you would like to view it I will simply leave the link below:

Our core group are working adults with job, careers, and families. We look to raid heroic/mythic twice a week at 8pm CST. While we are going to keep our schedule a bit more "casual", we raid in a very analytical, "hardcore" fashion. We are former hardcore top raiders, who simply don't have the time to commit to the US and World first pushes anymore.

We will be focusing on heroic raiding at the beginning of the expansion until we develop a team we are both comfortable with ingame and out. At this point, we will make the transition into mythic (hopefully around the latter part of the first raid tier).

A good few of us took a pretty large hiatus from the raiding scene during Legion as there were things that just turned us off (artifact power). However, we are rebuilding for BFA and looking to jump back in.

As mentioned, we want to focus on building a community rather than just a bunch of "hired-guns" who only login to raid. We aren't teenagers anymore so we want to create a relaxing place to wind down after the day.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in and would like to discuss the prospect further, feel free to contact me back at:
Battletag: Knetik#1364

I hope to hear from you, and if not, I wish you luck on your guild search!
Hey there, I think you'd be a great fit for our community. We're a tight-knit gaming community that reaches across several games, and we currently raid Tu/Th with an optional farm day on Sunday.

Check us out, we have a nice webpage that describes our culture. https://kryptedgaming.com/apply/

With the upcoming guild changes in BFA, we don't mind if you cross-realm raid with us, either.

Feel free to contact me on Battlenet, Porowns#1472.

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