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Hello fellow MG'ers! Awhile back, I posted about the seeming lack of grouped Nightborne RP, and several people encouraged taking a shot at organizing something. While I'm not sure I'm ready to step out into forming a full-on guild, I'd like to use the addition of communities to see if I can pull together some similarly interested folks to talk, coordinate, and try putting together some Nightborne-themed events that don't need to be exclusive to a guild. I don't think, on a quick forum flip, a community with this theme has been established, so hopefully I can help add a little something to our RP!
I joined it there. Maybe that is the beginning of some structured Nightborne RP?
07/20/2018 02:35 PMPosted by Altellis
I joined it there. Maybe that is the beginning of some structured Nightborne RP?

Glad to have you! Just realized communities are back online, I was planning to give this a bump once that happened.

And that's my hope! I know we haven't seen much crop up yet for organized Nightborne RP, and I thought this would be a great place to gather interest and see who's up for it. I'm hoping to put a couple of social RP events together, and I would love to group up a small Duskwatch contingent to be a presence in some RP / RP-PVP events.
We've gotten a few people popping in to see what's up -- I am hoping to put together a small gathering or two to give NB RP'ers a chance to get acquainted, and from there we'll see if we have the interest to put together more structured RP opportunities!
This Moon Guard is not happy you have sided against his people, Nightborne.

Not... happy.

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