[A] ⛏Modan Co VIII: Mo Relics, Mo Problems

Moon Guard
The flier is...well, it’s a flier. Parchment. Printed on a slightly fading printing press. Rectangular. Someone has neatly tacked it to a post or a tree. Looking up (or possibly down) you can see that copies of the same flier has been posted at two foot intervals, covering a height range from Gnome to Ogre. It reads:
Modan Company! Most precious and valuable of all the jewels of the Eastern Kingdoms, at least so far as value is calculated on a scale of being good at archaeology and if one is willing to accept a limited liability company as a jewel.

We are a small and ambitious company in our tenth year of operation seeking energetic and/or intelligent recruits. If you are interested in archaeology, are willing to protect those who are, are able to heal those who didn’t get behind the protection, or are of sufficiently sturdy stuff to otherwise stand up to a wide variety of grave wights, temple guardians, disgruntled town fathers and miscellaneously joyless jackwagons in pursuit of ancient knowledge and relics: we might have a place for you!

Those with interest in hiring our services or seeking employment can contact us at Modan Company Office in Kirthaven, Twilight Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms, Azeroth.

What is a ‘Modan Co’?
One of the most established guilds on Moon Guard, and a 10 year old relic ourselves: <Modan Co> is Moon Guard’s go-to guild for archeology, academia, and adventure. This usually involves heartbreaking drama one second, to gut-busting shenanigans the next. To quote a retired guild-leader, and all around cool-dude:
Heinsoo Reynault:
We're a goofy bunch of blighters; so expect a decent mix between comedic relief and riveting action and drama. Think Indiana Jones meets Terry Pratchett.

Wrapping it all up like your favorite blanket is the overarching theme of family. Both IC and OOC we strive to make everyone in the company feel like a part of the greater whole by way of inclusiveness, compassion, and understanding.

A Place For Everyone
Archaeology isn’t all about digging in earth and dusty tomes. A wide variety of skillsets are needed to run this operation, and these are divided up into our four Divisions:

⚒ Surveyors: The quintessential archaeologist, our Surveyors are experts in digging, artifact handling, and most of the actual archaeology. Kind of like Lara Croft, but less likely to shoot and more likely to publish a paper. Just as stupidly lucky.
⚗ Research & Development: Whether your passion lies in avoiding papercuts while pouring through history books, or getting oil stains just everywhere while developing technologies to help our company: Modan Co has a place for you!
⚔ Security: Delving in to forgotten ruins is dangerous work. By steel or by spell, the Security Division is there to keep our nerd-- er, our beloved academics safe. Sometimes from themselves.
⚚ Medical: Whether by ancient traps or accident prone interns, archaeology can be hazardous to one’s health. That is why our Medical team is vital (heh, get it?) to our company’s success.

Expeditious Events
Our peak activity and events tend to occur between 7pm - 12am Server time. While the level of your involvement is voluntary, and real life comes before all else: all of our members -- from fresh-faced Interns on up towards the big boss Foremen -- are encouraged to host and attend events as much as they can! Whether it be recovering relics from the green-glittering hills of Pandaria, the frozen wastes of Northrend, or the echoing halls of an ancient Dwarven barrow, Modan Co is there.

Into Tomorrow...
With the Legion defeated, the armies of Azeroth have begun to quarrel over this mysterious substance ‘Azerite’. Old-yet-new lands crest on the horizon as Kul Tiras and Zandalar are poised to be roped back into the fray. It is now more important than ever to study the history of Alliance and Horde tensions should we ever hope to break this cycle of conflict and hatred.
Website: http://modan.co/

⛏ Aulir
In-Game Aulir
Btag Nauticem#1817
Discord Nautic#4945

⛏ Talia Cafferlan
In-Game Cafferlan, Taliafrons
⛏ Tindselle Modan
In-Game Tindselle, Tinds
Btag Hostapasta#1277
Discord Grumblebee#7169
⛏ Balgair Rutherford
In-Game Balgairr
⛏ Naralex Sarvais
In-Game Naralex, Ravenburst, Bradsworth
Btag straita#1727
Discord straita#3712
⛏ Mauro Silvestri
In-Game Mauro, Muirgheasa, Marshana, Samhradhan, Boraahn
Btag Aramati#1573
Discord Borkerdoge#9329
⛏ Dolores Tinkertop
In-Game Tinkertop, Delgen, Mistwillow, Fiddlewicks, Voidweaver
Btag SekerAsar#1745
Discord SekerAsar#8320
⛏ Jinnike Twillwarp
In-Game Jinnikie
Btag Temulin#1497
Discord Jinnie#7723
Big nice
Small nice too
Moderately sized nice; for those that wish to meet somewhere in the middle of larger and minimally proportioned levels of nice.
Just did my application this morning. You guys are top-notch!
We'll absolutely check into your application! Looks like an extra page got stapled to the bottom of it. c;
Is good guild. Would love to chill with.
Modan Co is one of my favorite guilds to just hang around. <3 Can't wait to see where they go with this coming expansion.
This is the most pleasant, laid-back, decent group of people I've ever met on wow. 10/10, honored to be an officer, would officer again.
I really can't say enough about this guild. The RP is great, the people are WONDERFUL, and it's just....it's just a heckin' good time, all the time.

If you're looking for an active, welcoming family of lovely, creative folks, you will find it here, my friends!
This is all very, very interesting.

So if a certain DK, such as myself, were interested in hiring you guys, who would I need to talk to?
07/12/2018 09:02 PMPosted by Gerrard
This is all very, very interesting.

So if a certain DK, such as myself, were interested in hiring you guys, who would I need to talk to?
If a certain death knight was interested in setting up an expedition, he could get in touch with myself or one of the foremen.
⛏ diggy diggy
Many artifacts, handle it! We're well on our way toward Battle for Azeroth and more opportunities for archaeology.
To new/returning players coming back for BfA and are considering applying to our little family: You're more than welcome to! Just be warned we'll likely be pumping the breaks a bit while everyone experiences all the shiny new content.

Kul Tiras and Zandalar is sure to have a plethora of wonderful, forgotten history and artifacts just waiting to be revealed and recovered!

Dig on, and be good to one another my dudes! ⛏
Good guild. Good people. Good times.
Can i join?
Always been a fan of this guild, singing it's praises from the sidelines. Keep it up, MoCo!
08/13/2018 09:59 PMPosted by Dloin
Always been a fan of this guild, singing it's praises from the sidelines. Keep it up, MoCo!


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